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Emergency Budget: National Insurance increases

The National Insurance contribution rate rises proposed by Mr Darling will take effect next April, as confirmed by the Press Notice issued after today's Budget.

Both the 1% rise for employees and employers will be introduced as planned, although the government stated that it intended to abolish these rises as part of the general election campaign.


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abelljms's picture

NIC is a nick

abelljms | | Permalink

"To mitigate the effect of the changes, there will be a significantly above inflation rise in the employer threshold for NIC from April 2011, the entry point for contributions rising by £21 above indexation" - scuse me.

  significantly = LOADS

compared to cancelling the 1% increase it is weeing in the wind?

come next april there will gnashing from the serfs, and the men on yachts......



davidwinch's picture

Decimal point?

davidwinch | | Permalink

A reduction from £5.12 to £2.62 doesn't look like a reduction of only 4.9% to me.

I think you mean 48.8%.


NI Class 4

pressco | | Permalink

Have the personal allowance and Class 4 lower limit been aligned?


I can't see it anywhere at the moment.