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First Online Subcontractor Verifications

On the morning of Wednesday 11th April, the first ever online verifications of subcontractors under the new CIS scheme from package software were successfully performed by NG Bailey using COINS.

COINS and NG Bailey were amongst a number of organisations participating in HMRC’s “Controlled Go-Live” for CIS - as the result of the close working relationship that has been established between HMRC and the software industry over recent months.

The verifications were performed by Neil Florence of NG Bailey.


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Brave new world?

mgh | | Permalink

"O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beautious mankind is!
O brave new world
That has such people in't!"

Pardon my cycnicism. I think the online elements of the new CIS scheme have great potential, but the mishandling of the agent authorisations does not bode well for the immediate future. What other problems are lurking within the system, that we have not yet been told about?

jonsa's picture

we are all cynical of this CIS system and rightly so.

jonsa | | Permalink

I note NG Bailey were participating in HMRC’s “Controlled Go-Live”. They would have to be, otherwise, how did the get their authorisation code so soon? My view is to ignore such an announcement, as it is not in the real world.

First Online Subcontractor Verifications

mac608 | | Permalink

Its a pity the same sort of testing wasn't done on the registration page. I've had a week of frustration trying to register.

Now the floodgates are open

keith.accsc | | Permalink

We have successfully filed single verifications but unfortunately anything above that is still waiting to be processed. We have been informed that responses could take up to 3 days. So much for technology we now have a team of people ringing them in 10 at a time.

Once again HMRC has failed to deliver an IT project.

jimeth's picture

Let's get the good and bad news in proportion

jimeth | | Permalink

Jonathan: indeed as part of the "controlled go live" NGB did receive authentication details early, as did one or two clients of each of a number of the major software packages involved. However, that does not make these verifications any less real.

I know of at least 4 COINS clients who are now succesfully verifying subcontractors electronically - there may be others who are quietly getting on with this without my knowledge. Many other COINS clients have chosen to verify over the phone and are succesfully proceeding with this.

Most of the calls to the COINS support desk concerning new CIS are resolved with straightforward advice and guidance, because the system is basically working well so far for our clients.

It is a bit of a shame when everyone really hypes every bit of bad news and won't take seriously any success stories. There have been some significant hiccups in the first couple of weeks of new CIS but that does not mean that it is a disaster.