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In 1979 Andy Warhol predicted that “in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”. Is it possible that he was anticipating the advent of blogs when he made this remark, or did he expect us all to be up there on the silver screen for our quarter of an hour of fame - who can guess?

If you are not quite up for the glare of TV and video, do you have a passion for writing? Feel the need for a rant? Or harbour the desire to stand on your own soap-box for fifteen minutes and put the world to rights in a slightly more eloquent fashion?


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on line filing

nigel906 | | Permalink

I have not used HMRC's own on line filing but this year we filed on line using the PTP software ( having used the ordinary PTP software since the inception of self assessment). I can honestly say ( having filed almost 400 returns on line ) we did not encounter one major problem and were pleasantly surprised by the speed and efficiency with which it worked - even during the busiest period of the last few days leading up to the 31st.



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this is still a nonsense

carnmores | | Permalink

i contributd early on its lost i suppose , change the setup make it work

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carnmores | | Permalink

can we find my and other peoples rantings

AIA relevence to small UK practicioners

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

I'm a member of AIA via the takeover of the Society of Company Accountants. At the time of the take over we were given the opportunity of voting to merge the SCA with the AAT & I'm sorry that the AIA won out.

I don't think that the AIA is relevent for a small UK based practice. (If I described my practive as "International Accountants" I'm afraid that I would be laughed out of town.).

Although the AIA magazine has improved there is too much padding with what appear to be press releases by various high faluting accounting organisations that have no practical relevence to the small practitioner dealing with shopkeepers, SMEs, farmers, building subbies etc.

The much vaunted Regulatory Body status doesn't mean a lot. Most people trying to qualify as auditors will go to the ICA or ACCA. I wonder how many have become Registered Auditors through the AIA.

Also, do the regular trips to exotic locations to various conferences etc give value for money to the ordinary UK member. I appreciate that the AIA is not alone in marketing itself to Commonwealth & other countries in order to keep the membership fees flowing in, otherwise the fees from its UK members alone would not sustain its fancy new offices & junkets.

The AIA recently surveyed its members which apparently showed an overall degree of satisfaction.. It did not however tell us whether the results from UK members differed from other members. It would be interesting to get a breakdown.

What do other UK members think.?