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HMRC start fishing for builders

HMRC have embarked on a new series of fishing expeditions centred around builders according to a report by the ICAEW Tax Faculty last week. They reproduced on their website a letter and form sent by HMRC's North London Risk Team to North London home owners who have been or who are undertaking sizeable building works.

It seems that HMRC have selected the households by scanning council planning applications which are free to view online.


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North London not alone

tom2another | | Permalink

I've just had a builder in Croydon ring me advising that a customer of his has recieved such a letter from the tax office. So seems to be London wide anyway !!

I was actually going to say that I reckoned that it should have

Taxi | | Permalink

been the first question. Doorstep the homeowner, and then go for the builder!

Name of builder

Anonymous | | Permalink

I am sure my builder was called Bob...

Cheeky b*stards!

petestar1969 | | Permalink


Second letter

djw090 | | Permalink

and then there is the question they save for a later letter.

Where did the money come from that you are using to pay for this building work?