HMRC watch: A review of “What’s new" for SMEs this week | AccountingWEB

HMRC watch: A review of “What’s new" for SMEs this week

Tactical and Information Packages (TIPs)

These are HMRC’s own detailed guides to the economics of a range of businesses, and are essential reading if you act for any of these trades and professions.


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VAT Registrations

Anonymous | | Permalink

I have to raise a wry smile in response to the plea not to bother HMRC about VAT registrations. In January, we submitted a registration form, and although we didn't hear anything we obeyed the edict, until about 17 weeks had passed.

We then found that they claimed they'd sent a questionnaire out, about 10 days after registration, but which was received by neither the clients or us. Because they didn't get a reply within (I think) four weeks, they closed the case down.

When we eventually found out about this, we were told that the application had been closed and we would have to re-apply.

You really couldn't make it up.

Perhaps if they want people to leave them alone they should observe the courtesy of at least acknowledging receipt of the applications