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Home use tax spreadsheet goes viral

In September 2009, former finance director Mark Telford set up on his own as a sole practitioner working from home in Kent.

As part of his preparations, he created a website and joined networks like LinkedIn. All sensible ways to build a client base. But when he posted about a straightforward “use of home as office” calculation spreadsheet, he set off a minor feeding frenzy.

More than 230 contacts requested the spreadsheet.

“I’m sick and tired of seeing discussions [on LinkedIn] which are trying a hard sell,” Telford said. “By offering information for free, I managed to engage with potential clients and have what you could call a ‘warm referral’ for future work.

Telford had concocted the calculator to deal with his own situation, but quickly realised there would be others in the same boat. “I had completely underestimated the amount I could reasonably claim as business expenses. For a long time, it was widely accepted that individuals could charge a nominal £2 per week [rising to £3 a week from August 2009) as a notional tax deductible expense in respect of using a room within their home for business,” he said.

If you would like a copy of Mark's home use tax calculator, email your request to him via Info [at] telfordassociates.com.


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Can I have a copy?

telfordaca | | Permalink

Thank you for all the interest shown by everyone.

Just to confirm, I will send a copy to everyone who would like to see it. 



working from home excel spreadsheet

SouthEssex | | Permalink

I would like a copy of the working from home spreadsheet.

Please let me know how I can download it.


Thank you.


Martin Wilkins FCCA

Copy for me too please.

jcurbishley | | Permalink

Hi Mark

Please send me a copy.

Thank you very much.




E-mail address

telfordaca | | Permalink

Hi Jenny


Can you send me your e-mail address.





Kent accountants using Xero

telfordaca | | Permalink

Does anyone else want a copy?


If so, please contact me via the website:



Hello Mark,

Stephanie Pettitt | | Permalink

Hello Mark,


Please could I have a copy of your spreadsheet? Thank you.


With kind regards,




The well recommended spreadsheet

Bloodyoshi | | Permalink

Hello Mark,

After an interesting read, could I always request a copy to be sent to myself as well if not too late?

Thank you very much


Kent accountant's picture

Copy sent

Kent accountant | | Permalink

If you didn't receive one, please PM me with your e-mail address.




vicadm | | Permalink

Me too please (hope that you aren't bored by now...)



keyson2004 | | Permalink


Would be grateful for a copy of your Spreadsheet.


Many Thanks,



lauren69's picture

home as office spreadsheet

lauren69 | | Permalink


If this is still live can you please email me a copy of your spreadsheet? Thanks