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How will the e-government single contact point happen?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer signalled a major technology shift in his Budget speech last week when he floated the idea of a "single point of contact" for VAT and corportion tax.

Chancellors usually have little time to get involved in the intricacies of online data exchange, but this will be the inevitable consequence of this statement halfway through his Budget speech: "The Inland Revenue and Customs will also now consult on a single tax account for small business where information need be provided only once, a single point of contact for both VAT and corporation tax."

The Revenue & Cu


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The Only Obvious Answer...!

Abacjm | | Permalink

The govt will rename the Gateway "Media Gates-way" and all Tax Inspectors/Officers/humble Clerks and tealadies will take delivery of a brand new Microsoft Media Center, so that they can control Corporation Tax, PAYE, SA, and VAT all with one remote!

Just imagine the Contracts for new software companies, Learn Direct et all, and they could all be funded by an in-grant that no one knows is being claimed or not, through R&D Tax Credit!

No wonder Mr Brown loves the tax credit system. If the majority of claimants, who, in reality may actually depend on such income, are put off by the baffling bamboozlement of the paperwork, he is quids in, compared to giving every taxpayer a decent rise in either personal allowance or broadening the starting rate of tax.

Does any audit get carried out of the Tax Credits system? How many people gave up on it? Does the legislation ACTUALLY say, that it must be claimed within 3 months of year-end or is this the Revenue interpretation, to suit their workload? I have never been able to find an answer to that.

Maybe I need a Media Center machine too!