Jones v Garnett: Statement by HM Revenue & Customs. By Nichola Ross Martin

Following the announcement of a hearing date at the House of Lords, HMRC have announced issued a further statement on the Arctic Systems case, and also have provided another link to their guidance on the settlement provisions.

It said: “The Court of Appeal judgment represents the law as it now stands.


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Revenue are at it again

dgwsoft | | Permalink

As I have posted here before, my 2001 tax return has been challenged under S660A, and is destined for the commissioners, pending the result of Jones v Garnett.

The trusts office have now written to me saying they are opening an investigation into my 2003 tax return. I understand this is to protect their position. But surely any *new* investigation must be conducted on the basis of the "law as it now stands", i.e. the court of appeal judgement? Any thoughts on this?


AnonymousUser | | Permalink

this is just what the Government vision is. No small business. Pressure all ways until we disappear.
I suppose they take a look at Tesco, Sainsburys etc. and think "well if it works for them why not for us".