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New boss confirmed at HMRC

It has been announced that Paul Gray has been appointed as executive chairman of HMRC.

Paul has been acting as chairman since David Varney reshuffled himself out of the role in September 2006. Before that he acted as deputy, and survived the merger of the Inland Revenue and Customs.

According to the announcement on the No.10 website on the 27 February, Paul joined HM Treasury in 1969 as an economist, spending two years as a corporate planner with Booker McConnell Ltd in the 1970s.


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So no change then

J Lessels | | Permalink

or, in the words of the Who "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". Literally true in this case..

a.petch's picture

Continued Decline

a.petch | | Permalink

It's good to see the treasury are determined to see the continued decline of the Revenue, by appointing one of their own, who oversaw the disintegration of the benefits system.

It would have been refreshing to see someone with a taxation background appointed to run the tax system.