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Online trust tax returns

There have been problems with a number of trust returns this year. HMRC has now issued an updated list of excluded cases for online filing of SA900. You will need to bookmark this if you submit trust returns online.


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Online Filing of Trust Retuens

vinylnobbynobbs | | Permalink

In a telephone conversation with HMR&C Nottingham Trusts in March 2009 I queried why a tax return filed online in January 2009 had not yet been processed. I was advised that all online tax returns are printed out and then manually input into there system hence the delay and back log.

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Yes, this was true

RebeccaBenneyworth | | Permalink

Absolutely true last year. I suspect that this year they are going straight in, hence the initial teething problems.

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Original Post

brianjleach | | Permalink

I'm not sure that this is correct. As I understand it the problems have been identified during the on line verification stage. I believe that all this does is ensure that the Return will be accepted by the Revenue's computer. Whether that means it's going straight in I don't know.

I have had to send paper versions of all my Trust Returns this year because of problems with capital gains and losses. The verification process ensures that the Return will only be accepted if an unintelligible message is inserted into the Return. Whilst being a lot of nonsense it does give the false impression that the Return has been incorrectly completed when it has not.

I do not feel that I can ask Trustees to sign Returns with such a message on it hence the paper Returns.

Brian Leach