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Payroll professionals lobby HMRC for electronic P60s

The Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP) is petitioning HMRC to allow electronic P60 forms.

The campaign follows an IPP study in which 90% of members voted in favour of a change in legislation to allow P60s to be sent out in an electronic format. Fewer than 10% wanted no change.

“As many of the returns that payroll must submit to HMRC are already electronic, including P14s, there is no reason why P60s should not be issued in the same way”, said Karen Thomson, associate director of policy, research and strategic visibility at IPP.


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Payroll efficiencies

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Another aspect is the time issue when trying to print P60s - lining up print with stationery, different printers with different line spacing etc, which ends up a long process of phoning software companies to realign printing formats etc. The stationery sometimes never arives on time, and many employees mislay these forms anyway. being able to electroniclly email to employees or to employees accountants for self assessment would be a major step forward in reducing time, saving paper and adding security measures into the mix.

Judi - SP Consultancy LLP