The PBR 2008 “tax” sweepstakes: we have a winner! | AccountingWEB

The PBR 2008 “tax” sweepstakes: we have a winner!

In time-honoured tradition, with every Budget Report, our long-standing partners Chiltern run a tax sweepstake for AccountingWeb members. We asked you how many times you thought Daring would say the word tax in his Pre-Budget Report. The winner got a shiny new iPod touch. Nice.

So how many times did he say it? Only 30. The speech in its entirety was 8,262 words long, by the way.


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Anonymous | | Permalink

It doesn't matter what words were actually used.

If the speech was 8262 words long then it was 8262 words of B***s**t.

Oh and well done Eileen!