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Of pettiness and minutiae

It’s been a funny old week. A week of trifles and insignificances, minutiae and pettiness.

On Monday, I needed to speak to the Inland Revenue on the subject of one of a client’s subcontractors. I had the subbie’s name, his ‘universal tax reference’, his address and 7 out of the 8 digits from his NI number.

The purpose of the call was to obtain the ‘missing digit’ so that I could fill in a CIS return online. But unless I could provide the full NI number they wouldn’t speak to me.


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Post Office and HMRC - which are worse?

Anonymous | | Permalink

Brilliant blog. HMRC are constantly making petty mistakes which advisers have to sort out for free. When the boot's on the other foot, it's treated in a lot of cases as a deliberate attempt to deceive or being totally reckless!

The Post Office in my district seem to have solved their post delivery problems by not delivering every day and on those days they do deliver, not to every house. The number of letters that are sorted on the basis of house number rather than house number AND street are causing this to be a big headache - plus the unneccessary phone calls I have had to make to HMRC regarding letters offering to help people fill in their first tax return when there is no return received as being issued. HMRC assured me that no notice to deliver had been issued - but with the post so bad the first a lot of us hear of returns being required is when the post deliver a penalty notice for a late return. (My area is a lot of pensioners on basic rate tax so no obvious need for a return - and usually no or little tax to pay when a return is completed). Thank goodness after a few conversations with the post man (who's a bit down because people keep asking him to deliver the correct mail to their address) he seems to have settled on all the HMRC mail for the district to be delivered to me. It's actually now easier to redeliver the wrongly delivered post than chase up all the queries of missing post so in fairness he has improved.


AnonymousUser | | Permalink

Perhaps Mr Hollister needs to attend anger management classes?

Perhaps this is the reason

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