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Pre-Budget: Live Report

Budget 2004
Live Report as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, delivers his eighth annual Budget statement.

* * *
# UK has been tested by both domestic and global pressures.

# On course to meeting inflation target of 2%.


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0% CT band gone!

andrewjlane | | Permalink

Blaming us as usual, we are to revert to a straight 19% CT rate on profits to £300k per PN1 on the HMRC website - no hint of Gordon saying he got it wrong though.

Tax Credits - £25,000 annual change in income!!!

Anonymous | | Permalink

If this isn't an admission that the current system isn't working, then what is?

no residential property tax relief for SSIP's

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

what will the Daily Mail write about now ?

no 0% corp tax rate and NCD's - presumably from 1 april 2006 ??

if GB didnt want us to use his tax advantages why bring them in in the first place ? your votes ?

definitely case of one hand gives and the other takes away....