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Revenue is among 'top ten' employers for gay people

'Stonewall' has placed the Inland Revenue among the top ten employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.

The lobbying group said its Corporate Equality Index demonstrated that many major employers are "firmly committed to supporting and developing gay staff".

The British Council was the country's top employer for gay people, Stonewall said. The Revenue was placed joint seventh. PricewaterhouseCoopers shared 17th place with Barclays.


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What a nonsense

Liam2002 | | Permalink

I thought it was illegal for an employer to discriminate against a homosexual employee. If this is the case, why publish this silly index which highlights seemingly "pro-gay" employers? I think Revenue should select people based upon merit, irrespective of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion and so on, and afford all employees equality of conditions of employment and opportunity.

Well that's a surprise then

Anonymous | | Permalink

So the largest employers have the largest number of gay employees. Isn't that logical?

Albasas's picture

Great Day For 'Gay' Dancing Round The Pay Roll Returns?

Albasas | | Permalink

Well anytime I call them and then get lucky by being put through to someone, they dont sound very much more gay / merrier than the rest of us. Really who makes up this stuff!

Although, I once knew a homosexual Chartered Accountant who had a pet hamster and some Morrisey posters for company. He seemed gay enough. However I have not encountered many 'out' Lesbians or Bisexuals in this profession.