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SA Online up and running after 'maintenance'

Revenue & Customs reported this week that it had cleared a backlog that had built up in its self assessment processing systems after carrying out maintenance on its mainframe systems.

An HRMC spokesman confirmed that no returns were processed until the CESA mainframe was re-instated on 25 April.


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Tax Law

nickyf | | Permalink

I was friends with this guy once and he was a parliamentary draftsman. That is he drew up the acts of parliament - working with MP's, Governments etc to meet their needs

I once asked him why there was so much uncertainty especially with regard to tax law. "Ah" he said "That is because they are drafted that way" "No one wants us to make laws totally singular - they want them to be interpretable" Why? "Lots more money for accountants and lawyers to advise their clients because the House is full of lawyers and accountants"

True story.