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SA Online progress report - the final stretch

As we near the 2007-08 Self Assessment tax deadline, is tracking how the Self Assessment Online portal is coping with the workload leading up to 31 January.

We introduced the poll following several comments and complaints in Any Answers during the early part of the month.


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"We received your tax return on 27 March 2008"

squay | | Permalink

I had one of these last year and I thought it would be sorted out when the return was actually submiited. It wasn't and the client was due a refund. I phoned the local tax office who confirmed the return I submitted had been received but they had to upload the data manually to the client's account. This they did and in a couple of days I was able to see the correct data and push the tax refund through.

"We received your tax return on 27 March 2008"

Anonymous | | Permalink

This made me smile. I have one with the above message under 'Your Current Client and the same under 'Tax Return Options' after giving the issue date 06 April.

Yes, I am looking at the correct year :o)

Misleading payment information

tuliptownman | | Permalink

Whilst not an issue with the ability to file online, there is an issue with the "Your Current Client" screen where payments are due on 31 January. The summary amount is erroneously adding the second payments on account due on 31 July to the total and displaying it as if it were payable on 31 January. It is only when you drill down to the breakdown do you get the correct information. I have not had the opportunity to report this to online services but have taken some screen prints of an example that I will send as soon as possible. It is unlikely therefore that this will be fixed quickly so I thought I'd bring to the attention of those who are tempted to have a quick look at the summary and not drill down

Where the 1st payment on account for 2008/09 has already been paid, the summary screen does correctly show the second payment on account as being due on 31 July 2009.

It would be a lot easier if the client information screens could be enhanced so that you did not have to look through half a dozen screens to arrive at an understanding of what has been paid when. I think aspects of the old layout were better in this respect. The ability to identify cheque numbers of payments made is very welcome and proving useful in the case of clients who don't fill out their cheque stubs properly.

So far the ability to access client information has remained pretty reliable. I am not sure though how it will be on Friday!

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doesn't work

pawncob | | Permalink

I can't reduce P.O.A.
Following HMRC software changes I lost PDF viewing (since remedied)