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SA Online recovers in face of very high demand

The Inland Revenue has apologised for disruption to its online self assessment service and offered 14 days' grace for resubmission of "failed" returns.

The SA Online website seemed to be recovering today after it appeared to collapse under the weight of traffic on Sunday.

The Revenue said a very high level of demand had slowed the service down in the run-up to today's deadline for submission of 2004 tax returns.

Several TaxZone readers reported an improvement this morning.


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Andrew Goodall's picture

No general extension

Andrew Goodall | | Permalink

Dickie, there is no extension of the filing deadline. I did not hear the radio bulletin that you mention but it may have been referring to the 14 days' grace offered in relation to failed submissions, announced by the Revenue today. There is no general extension of the filing date for e-filers at present.

Ian, thanks for your kind words.


Andrew Goodall
[email protected]

I managed

neileg | | Permalink

I managed to file my own tax return on Sunday around 2pm, but didn't get the acknowledgement until Monday.

However, I also struggled with the epayments website on Monday, since I wanted to pay my balance and reduce any potential penalty to zero. I guess alot of other people had the same idea. I eventually got it paid but probably only because I had access via my employers ultra high speed internet connection. On any dial up or even broadband connection the site would have timed out.

Breaking News...

Anonymous | | Permalink

Deadline extended for 2 more weeks for efilers.

Source: BBC


Thank You Andrew

IanClark | | Permalink

May I say a personal thank you to Andrew, who was there on Saturday and Sunday when the frustration was at it's height.

Many of us had no idea what was going on, the IR wouldn't answer their phones, and without Accounting Web, we would have not even known that other people were having the same problems as us.

And then in strides Andrew, the editor, who manages with his secret sources, to actually talk to a human (?) at the IR and gets a response, not a good response but at least a response, and what's more posts on the site several times, to keep us up to date.

Thanks for that Andrew, we appreciate it.

Wonder if the IR will learn from this, and give us a real status on their website, or even better give us agents a different filing gateway from the individuals who seemed to clog up the system over the weekend, presumably most of them using IR software, rather than external software. Still let's not hold our breath on that shall we?.

I'm off for a large scotch.


carnmores | | Permalink

so all my bitching has not been in vain!

any chance of compensation<

thanks Andrew

FBI problems

clark jenner | | Permalink

I have read todays comments with interest. I filed my last clients'FBI return yesterday (Sunday) at around 8.15 in the morning.

I use Digita, and nothing happened and I assumed that I would have to include the signed version with the few others (including mine and my wifes) that I was taking to the tax office this morning.

When I woke the system up this morning I received a successful email, it took 23 hours.

I have not ever used ELS as when it started we were too small to be accepted, FBI on the whole has been a total revelation and works well.

I do have a couple of beefs; it seems to take for ever for a 64-8 to be registered on the site, particularly for partnerships.

It would help if the IR website agents zone could display partnerships registered to the practice. To find these out you have to go to Government Gateway and guess what? No client names.

You therefore have to match tye UTRs to the clients which is irritating.

I am now going to have a large drink as they are all in!

I now understand why our friends in the US have parties at the end of tax season.

Cliff Jenner

its backed up again

carnmores | | Permalink

17.31 and its jammed again, i am not staying all night on the off chance that some other filers might give up!


Conflicts - agents and home users?

Anonymous | | Permalink

We had no problems filing any returns. We didn't try on Sunday, and filed several between 10:30 and 17:30. The only issue that we had was not being able to log on to the Inland Revenue portal to check client balances.

I'm only guessing, but perhaps the same sites are used by agents and by individual taxpayers filing the returns? That could well explain why it fell over on the Sunday, and again at 5.30 last night, but worked reasonably well through the day. Private individuals would be more likely to use the systems on the weekend and evenings.

If that's the case, then there should be serious consideration given to providing separate facilities for agents filing by internet. In most cases, the individuals will be completing the return on screen, taking their time, and perhaps going off for coffee etc, while still logged in. Agents, on the other hand, usually have the return fully prepared and just need a few seconds to file it and log off. (Yes, I know some agents copy the forms on screen)

And I'll add my voice to the plea for client names on the website and on emails!