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Snack attack: Pringles to pay VAT

The makers of Pringles are facing a hefty tax bill after losing a court battle over whether the crunchy snack is potato-y enough to be liable for VAT.

Procter & Gamble will be required to pay around £20 million a year in VAT after the Court of Appeal ruled that Pringles are indeed a potato crisp.

Most food is not subject to VAT (as zero rated supplies), with a number of exceptions being standard rated, including potato crisps.


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Chip not dip

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

Good point. The case refers to regular Pringles only as far as I can tell. I imagine the Dippers are classed as something different.

Dippers still avoid VAT?

Andy3T | | Permalink

Hmm, Pringles Dippers are, from recollection treated differently - having been specifically made to taste bland they require preparation (dipping) to consume as otherwise they are unfit for consumption... Given the current to raise the tax take (since the govt is clearly unwilling to cut expenditure) how long until food currently subject to 0% VAT gets shifted to standard rate resolving the continual arguments?

Thank you

Anonymous | | Permalink

Thanks Gina.

My son's response was to tell me I was a saddo who needs to get a life!

Nice one!

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

I was racking my brains for good pop related puns and not once did that one cross my mind! Well done! I'm sure there are more puns to be had here but they elude me at this point on a Friday afternoon....

Surely it should be

Anonymous | | Permalink

"once you pop, VAT on top"

Yeah, I know, I'll fetch me coat...