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Spread-betting: the new black?

Nicola Ross-MartinBy Nichola Ross Martin

I read that our FD blogger has been feeling "bored" this week. The chances are that he is too risk adverse to join an increasing number of on-line gamblers, - that might have spiced up his downtime!


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Poker Bots, you have been warned

Liam2002 | | Permalink

I am not a gambler, but I am facinated by the lunacy implied by the explosion in online gambling. Here is a warning from one accountant to all: What I would call Poker Bots are in widespread use on the internet. A poker bot is a program that executes online deals when its user is fast asleep or otherwise engaged. It is programmed to apply the rules of poker in a consistent way, masquerading as a human player. Those thousands of punters who spend hours on end playing poker are playing against the dealer's computer, as well as any number of others, which are the poker bots deployed by the professional gamblers. Have you ever played chess or similar game against a computer? Spread betting has many similar characteristics, and nothing would surprise me less than the emergence of bots that will harvest small returns, at the expense of the speculative gambler.
Stick to the lotto, as that's something you know you will not win, but at least the money goes to some good causes.