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Tax body rejects mission 'management-speak'

The draft mission statement for HM Revenue and Customs contains "management-speak" which is "meaningless, ambiguous or frankly out of place" according to the ICAEW's Tax Faculty.

The faculty added its voice this week to criticism of the statement, whilst recognising that it is "very much a draft" and welcoming the opportunity to comment.

TAXREP 05/05 contains the faculty's detailed comments on the draft statement, which the government departments circulated to interested parties last month.

The facul


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Correct me if I'm wrong,

Anonymous | | Permalink

but the Tax Faculty's proposed statement for HMRC is:

"Our mission is to collect from the right people and pay to the right people the right amount of tax and the right amount of tax credits due under the law at the right time by applying the law fairly and professionally and to help people to comply as easily as possible."

and taxes and tax credits are not only payable by and to "people", ie human beings, but also companies, trusts, associations, etc etc.

Would perhaps "persons" not be a more correct word, although that would probably not be correct in all cases either?