TAX NEWS: Brown blasts tax cut demands. By Dan Martin | AccountingWEB

TAX NEWS: Brown blasts tax cut demands. By Dan Martin

Gordon Brown has added his voice to the current Whitehall dispute over taxes by warning his Labour party colleagues to beware of calling for "unfounded tax cuts".

Adding to the growing rift between the Treasury and Number 10 over taxes, Brown's comments are being seen as a veiled attack on Blairite MP Stephen Byers who last week called for the abolition of inheritance tax as well as a response to suggestions that the Conservative party is formulating plans to cut stamp duty on share trading.

Writing in the 'Financial T


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Joyce & Sybil Burden

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

These elderly sisters have been forced to spend what may be their twilight years worrying about the consequences of IHT on the survivor. They are taking a case to the ECHR on the grounds of discrimination following the extension of the s.18 spouse exemption to civil partners. The issue seems to be whether they, as cohabitees, are in an objectively similar position to a civil partnership couple.

Each and every time that the UK is taken to the ECHR or the ECJ by an oppressed citizen, the nation bears the shame of that oppression. In the case of these sisters, their concern is that the survivor will be evicted from the home of her childhood by Brown's gang. If Brown was her landlord, he would surely face a custodial sentence for such bullying and intimidation. But he is not and it is all legalised. And he gets grace and favour accommodation.

This tax needs a full review. At the very least, there should be a holdover relief in the case of a shared home.


AnonymousUser | | Permalink

Perhaps if GB and his acolyte, Ms Primarolo, put half as much effort into stopping frauds such as VAT carousel or tax credits, there would be enough of our money left to enable better funding of hospitals and a tax cut.

and the Others

Anonymous | | Permalink

Not to mentioned the waste, IT failures, more monies to the EU, quangos, taxi fares, wild parties, selling our gold, PFI finance, more layers of hopeless appointments, Spin doctors etc..... the list could go on and on.

Time for GB to get a grip of all these and clean up the Labour Govt. once and for all

You do make me laugh Mr Brown

drann.sanderson... | | Permalink

Gordon Brown makes me laugh (the alternative is depression and I am not a person prone to depression); does he honestly think that anyone believes his rubbish anymore? Granted it has taken 5 or 6 years for the old Labour tax and spend policies to come out into the open but anyone with an ounce of sense should see his pronouncements for what they are, ideological statements of the Labour old school. I can only hope that the vast majority of the population start to see this too and do the decent thing at the next election.

Small Government

Anonymous | | Permalink

All the comments posted so far seem relevant. But the main enemy surely is big - too big - government. Too much power ceded to the state.

If there were less state involvement in our affairs there would be less scope for all the ills - inefficiency, incompetence, wastage, fraud, etc - that flow from it.