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TaxZone Newthwire 47: Relationships with the Revenue

TaxZoneTaxZone Newthwire
Issue 47 - 18 March 2004
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Not a threat

Sherlock | | Permalink

My statement was not a threat, merely an observation. However it should be remembered that members of the Inland Revenue are civil servants. This means that they should be 'civil' and are 'servants' of the public - not masters.

I wrote this wire before the Budget, and would guess that feelings are running even higher after the announcement about the 19% tax on small company distributions.

If Richard wants to appreciate the current mood of the profession, he should research the recent debate on site about the money laundering regulations, which has led to the formation of the angeredaccountants website by John Savage.

Obviously we must keep the law, but it should be remenbered that tax is a political weapon. Ultimately change can only come through the ballot box. In the meantime, surely valid protest is acceptable?

richard.murphy's picture

This is unacceptable

richard.murphy | | Permalink

John Newth says:

"The government and Revenue would do well to remember this, as accountants and solicitors could 'bring the Revenue to its knees' if they chose to do so."

Union leaders used to threaten this sort of thing. Rightly their powers were curtailed.

And if this is the attitude of the profession it will soon find where it stands as well.

No one of good sense shoud support this view. It is fundamenatlly anti- democratic.

John Newth should be profoundly ashamed of himself. Unless that is he sees himself as a friend of Arthur Scargill, because most certainly that's how he is behaving.