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"Tell them anything"

I had a possible new client ring me this week. Not unusually, he is in a state of some confusion, partly because his affairs are slightly complicated, but mostly because he has tried to seek advice from HMRC.


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complicated affairs? in my experience HMRC quite often can't han

Anonymous | | Permalink

....... calling a CT office directly yesterday the person on the front line answering the phone had to refer on my query concerning the filing deadline for a CT return !!! (My query being that HMRC had incorrectly raised a penalty.) It wasn't a difficult question, relating only to the administration of tax and nothing technical.

I have another call to make about another client who keeps getting threatening letters about his tax debt when he is on a time to pay arrangement. I was told the last time I contacted HMRC that future chasing letters would be suppressed. 

I have lost the will to live when contacting HMRC. It takes up inordinate amounts of time and quite often you get bounced around call centres and offices without getting answers to your queries or even as you say several different answers! 

Here we go again...

Anonymous | | Permalink

With all your Revenue bashing I'm amazed you have time to fit in any new clients let alone all the walking anecdotes you seem to meet.

I'm sure someone with your talents would be much better employed by HMRC to sort out what is clearly a dysfunctional organisation.


Anonymous, that doesn't make sense

BBB | | Permalink

If the author is a talented and experienced ex-tax inspector why would HMRC wish to re-employ him?  Those are the very people that the modern Revenue sees as the problem.