Uh oh, more laptops go missing... | AccountingWEB

Uh oh, more laptops go missing...

In the same week that Information Commissioner has been advising all and sundry that they can use their rights under the Data Protection Act to check out who is holding what in the way of personal information on them, comes the news that yet another government department has had a serious "lapse" of concentration where IT security is concerned

This week's department of shame is the Insolvency Service. Four laptops were stolen from its Manchester offices on the 18 September.


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No room

mikewhit | | Permalink

The laptops with no data is easily explained if you consider that they had Vista installed ...


RFID tags & signout

Anonymous | | Permalink

This is a 'no brainer' - have RFID tags & signout

Not again!

JSJ54 | | Permalink

This afternoon I was told that HMRC no longer accept faxed 64-8s from agents (in cases where HMRC have lost the original before actioning it) because HMRC lost "the two CDs". Seriously.

Time to don Superman outfits, christen ourselves "Accountants for Justice" and handcuff ourselves to Alistair Darling?