Vantis 'helping HMRC with enquiries' on tax avoidance scheme. By John Stokdyk | AccountingWEB

Vantis 'helping HMRC with enquiries' on tax avoidance scheme. By John Stokdyk

HMRC would not confirm a Sunday Times article on 24 December which reported that tax investigators raided the homes of three senior accountants with Vantis as part of a crackdown on an avoidance scheme that exploits Gift Aid relief on charity share donations.

Sunday Times reporter Robert Winnett has been pursuing the case for more than six weeks and identified listed firm Vantis as the promoter of an avoidance scheme that earned cash rebates for nearly 400 clients, including England rugby captain Ma


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Vantis Helping HMRC

ianggrant | | Permalink

I feel the Sunday Times article was a little misleading. To the lay reader it gives the impression that the Charities were suffering. My understanding is that that the Charties got donations they would not otherwise have received. It is the Chancellor who is short of the estimated £100m not the Charities. This has to make one think that HMRC have been leaking carefully selected information to the Journalist to make a more newswothy story.
Without commenting on the merits (or otherwise) of the scheme, it worries me if HMRC are using PR agents or the like to get a message across - However in view of the HMRC current policies on litigation and the knowledge that they do not owe the taxpayer a duty of care, one can understand this possibility.