Whatever happened to the review of small business taxation? By Simon Sweetman | AccountingWEB

Whatever happened to the review of small business taxation? By Simon Sweetman

At the time of the 2004 pre-Budget report, in December of that year, HM Treasury published a discussion paper on Small Companies, the self-employed and the tax system. After some talk about targeted tax incentives for small business, and expressing the view that everyone should pay the right amount of tax, it went on to suggest that the creation of HM Revenue and Customs presents an opportunity to look at the way small businesses interact with the tax system more strategically.


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marx or knox ?

oldersimon | | Permalink

And i thought he was an unreconstructed presbyterian....

Surprise, Surprise!

Anonymous | | Permalink

The previous Chancellor, now the Prime Minister, is an unreconstructed Marxist. That explains everything..

richard.murphy's picture

You clearly have not read Marx

richard.murphy | | Permalink

Marx is a waste of time

AnonymousUser | | Permalink

History has shown beyond doubt that it is worth no one's time and trouble to read Marx (except, perhaps, to see what bilge it turned out to be).

As further proof, follow the link below to today's Times obituary of Andrew Glynn the pre-eminent Oxford Marxist economist who had to eat his words when confronted by the historical successes of capitalism initiated by Reagan and Thatcher and the concomitant collapse of communism and the Soviet Empire.