Who's in charge here, then? By Simon Sweetman | AccountingWEB

Who's in charge here, then? By Simon Sweetman

Someone, somewhere, has to be 'running' HMRC. Simon Sweetman investigates who they might be...

Having taken an interminable time appointing a non-executive chairman for HMRC, we now seem to have an even longer wait for a new chief executive officer. This attempt to make the process spin out even longer than your average summer transfer seems to make very little sense for an organisation going through the throes of reorganisation.


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Filing cabinets

Anonymous | | Permalink

Oh my lips are sealed- Official Secrets Act lol.

Goodness Sally!

clive griffiths | | Permalink

Is there to be any more information concerning the events behind the cabinets?

oh long gone the days of Christmas parties

Anonymous | | Permalink

I well remember the passion to which you refer....behind the old wooden filing cabinets.And those wonderfully scripted office party Christmas pantos where we got away with murder portraying the stuffy DI and grade threes of yonder year!

On behalf of headless chickens everywhere...

Anonymous | | Permalink

...may I just express my dismay at this wholly unwarranted slur

Composition of new board

cwatkin | | Permalink

The likelihood is that the new board, like the old board (and the current government) , will be composed entirely of headless chickens.