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Working with agents - Reports to professional bodies

This article looks in detail at the proposals for reporting members of professional bodies to their body, and highlights the issues involved. There was broad agreement in the first consultation that HMRC should use this power more effectively, so the principle seems to have been accepted.


The law


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Should HMRC have the power to report to professional bodies?

wct1954 | | Permalink

Broadly speaking I do agree with the suggestion above, but on the basis that HMRC should have thorough consultation with those bodies (and therefore their members) in determining what constitutes a "reportable" occurance.

Due to the fact that some things are more serious than others, my proposal would be to have some kind of agreed points tariff system whereby "reportable occurances" can be graded and that, similiar to driving offences, when a determined number of points is acheived then a report will be made to the relevant body.

This opinion does not seek to determine what the penalty would then be and that is the subject of a further discussion.

The above suggestion obviously does not work where someone is working outside of a professional body, but it's food for thought.