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Working with Tax Agents: Tax Advice Network calls for TARBY

The Tax Advice Network has called for a new tax agent review body (TARBY) to be set up to review HMRC reports about tax agents whose performance may be unacceptable.

 “We do not agree with the implicit assumption in the consultation document that qualified tax agents should be treated differently to unqualified tax agents”, said Mark Lee, chairman of the Tax Advice Network.


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Tax Agents

Anonymous | | Permalink

We can not forget:

- the taxpayer is the ultimate responsible of the information provided in the tax return.
- an agent could be a family member or a friend filing on behalf of the taxpayer for many different reasons (illness, convenience, knowledge, etc.)
- some good tax agents are very aggressive in their approach to tax in order to mitigate the tax liability, that means the tax return is wrong?
- the tax return is only the final stage of a full year operation; in that year the taxpayer may or may have not looked for tax advice and may have completed the tax return themselves by following the advice given.
- the tax return may be right, but the tax advice received during the year may have been inappropriate and may have lead to mistakes and entries into the tax return which are not supported by the correct papers and documents.

Also the quality of the work of some tax agents depend on the type of clients they are dealing with, therefore, they may become more careless.

tax agents rights

david5541 | | Permalink

tax agents are subject to a walk over so often by hmrc staff who 9 times out of ten fail to even apologise or promise a time by which documents will be processed.


secondly hmrc staff are making calls direct to clients and clients are assuming they get accurate and good information direct from hmrc contact centre staff who dont even have the file in front of them and in some cases may already have the documents.


alot of the agent enquiry lines have now been passed staight to contact centre staff rather than specialist officers.