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Hi. I am a designer and I have done a lot of wok for a company based in the United States. I invoice them to their address in the United States.


A private medical consultant wants to bring his wife into the new business. She is not a medic but has other skills to contribute so will be actively involved.


We are told digital tax accounts are coming, and pre-population of SA accounts is already here, according the


New client is a 2 director shareholder company (no other employees).   Company has been paying for external gym membership for just one of the directors.


How is the capital gain entered on a self assessment return, when it is regards to money received from the shareholders company that was closed using MVL?


How do I amend a return for 2010/11 self assessment. Can I get a paper return?


I have recently completed my Level 4 AAT (waiting for one more test result this week), and wondered which route to take?


Can anyone tell me whether a holding of Barlcays Bank Plc 5.5Yr GBP Floored FRN 3% 10/02/2015 or Barclays Bank Plc 3% LIBOR Note 05/12/2018 are QCBs and so are exempt from CGT? 


Here at AccountingWEB towers, we are excited about tomorrow’s autumn statement.