I'm aware that in the construction industry that the VAT rate chargeable can vary, depending upon the type of work done (new build, installing insulation etc), but does this apply to surveyors? 


A survey of the UK’s largest companies shows a marginal increase in taxes borne despite the recent reductions in the rate of corporation tax, PwC has reported.

The Smith Commission has recommended that Holyrood should take almost complete control over income tax.


I have a client who has made a capital gain of around £9000 on the sale of shares (privately owned limited company) this year


I am aware of previous postings, in which it has been argued that, when re-mortgaging a let property, early redemption penalties charged by the original mortgagee are allowable as a revenue expense

A client today was disappointed to hear that he couldn't claim a new carpet against tax after the old one had been ruined by the outgoing tenants.


We have an employee who has a company car without fuel benefit.

He makes a contribution of £200 per month for the Private Use of this company car.

I'm suffering from a surfeit of information.  I have my first staging date coming up on 1st January and I'm struggling to find instructions in the Moneysoft manuals that relates to People's Pension