Can someone help on how to fill my annual returns for an ltd company that i run on my own?


If you were bothered by the temporary unavailability of HMRC Online last Friday, an explana

Hi all.  Companies House have emailed me the incorporation cert for a new client but I want to print it out onto fancy paper for them, to make them feel important!  Which paper is best.  I have a n


We have used Payroll Manager for the past few years, for client payrolls running from sole directors up to around 50 employees.




CGT or not...for an individual - not a ltd co


James Bowler has been appointed as the new director general, tax and welfare at the Treasury.

Bowler is currently director, strategy, planning and budget in the Treasury.

Now that company information is to be free, do we need Companies House Direct any more ?

Maybe worth it just for the Monitor Service ?   I haven't decided yet ................

Many of my self-employed clients are transferring trade to a limited company as their businesses grow.  For most of them, some supplier invoices and expenses are still in their own name for a perio


Just throwing this one out to the forum as I am a little unsure of the answer.


This is probably more of a legal question, than a tax one. But it's something that I've never come across and wondered if it's legal.