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The proposed structure of the transaction is as follows:-


Hello,  I am working full time and gross earning is £24,000 per annum also I have a buy to let property and rental income is £15900 before deducting any expenses and mortgage interest. So the quest


We have an employee who is taking early retirement due to very serious sickness. We want to pay her a discretionary payment of 5,000 pounds. Can we pay it tax free ?


One of my new client had submitted his SA tax return 2014 online last year with an error of clicking box that he was entitled to defer payment of class 4 NI.


Hi all,

We have a client who orders goods from Asia and supplies these to retailers in the UK.


The PAC has scrutinised Google executives, with chair Meg Hillier saying they were “taxing (her) patience” as they explained Google’s tax settlement following a six year HMRC audit, which encou



Ltd Co is scaling back and will need to sell/dispose of a couple of in use + 2 year 'used'  average spec desktop PC's


The chancellor occasionally makes immediate legislation changes on budget day - eg. last year's stamp duty rise, giving everyone until midnight at the end of budget day to complete.


The cleverest part of the Dispatches programme, How the Rich Avoid Tax, on Monday night was its use of an actual