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This morning two people visited me on behalf of HMRC to go through client authorisation and related matters.


I have a small pension pot from the previous employer. I would like to put this into a SSAS pension scheme and administer myself.


I have a situation where £100,000 of interest on a loan from an individual has been included as a credit to WIP in a set of accounts (the company develops property) with the corresponding debit pos


If a client is planning on demolishing a building can they claim capital allwoances before it is demolished? I would have thought that they could claim on the demolition of the qualifying items onl

Next faces a £22m tax bill after a court ruled that the retailer’s complex tax scheme was not a legitimate way to make dividend payments, HMRC has said.

A shareholder in a small private limited company that owns 20% of the issued share capital has assigned the voting power/control of his shares to another individual who was a previous shareholder.


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OK, I need you to put your heads together for this one as I am not sure why I am not getting this?


Company has acquired leasehold commercial property, which has required substantial (>£250k) refurbishment costs.