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I have a client interested in buying a buy-to-let property with an interest only mortgage.



I have a client who is UK resident having just returned from overseas.

She is about to start working as a contractor for an EU company who will be her only client.


I've just found that although I'd processed the payroll for a client on 10th April (payday 13th), for some reason I've not submitted the FPS to HMRC.


Client (ltd co) is receiving compensation for potential loss of earnings from having their money tied up in a SWAP contract for a few years on the rationale that had they not have done so they coul

A 45% taxpayer has been making personal pension contributions for her partner over the last few years, is there any way she could claim higher rate relief on them?


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I have a Sole Trader who privately operates a 'Care/Residential Home' (16 employees) where the residents are paid for by Social Services 90% + NHS 8% + Private 2%.


I have various scenarios where staff from one company (co A) visit another group company (co B) and they all go out for a meal. This may be lunch or can be a team event.


I have a new client who is returning to the UK after having worked in Dubai for 3 years. He is normally UK resident for tax purposes but was registered as non- resident for the period abroad.

UK co been trading for 5 years or so following incorporation of directors sole trader business.