Accountants and payroll providers will now not be notified when a client receives an RTI penalty, HMRC has said, in addition to relaxing the need for employers to answer extra questions on the F

Could someone use long-term clinical depression and anxiety has defence for claiming housing benefit and council tax support fraudulently for 8 years, to the tune of £20,000),stating he co


How come if you claim benefits you are not entitled to you either have to pay a 50% penalty or are sent to court and either fined or sent to prison (sometimes suspended) and end up with a criminal


I was under the naive impression that the tax rules governing EIS and SEIS were very similar despite there being separate legislation for the two.


Tax year 11/12 - HMRC and I fighting over "mortgage interest relief" on 2 of my properties that were undergoing refurbishment and not available for letting in that year 11/12 I claimed this relief


HMRC have issued a distraint letter to one of my clients for £100.

It is claimed to be a late filing penalty for 2012/2013 which my client claims they knew nothing about.


I think I know the answer to this but just to confirm



director works for company A but has no shares  ,  Newco intends to buy A with an outside investor for £1.3 m .


I transferred one of my client's partnership business to company both husband/wife partners are now shareholders. (before December 03, 2014)

We have a client who recorded a net CGT loss for 2003-04 tax year, which was reported at that time to HMRC.