As we all know, over the past month, we've been plagued by fake Aweb users registering a new account, posting a fake IT-related question ...


A client is partnering with a German company to organise a conference in the UK. They want to invoice in the name of the Gerrman company mainly on account of its much higher profile.


A client has just forwarded their 13/14 self-assessment info to me for review.

The client is a 45% tax payer but I noticed that gross salary was a lot higher than in previous years.


Hi, I am depreciating Land & Buildings and there are several building projects with interim invoices and the project time is running over the year end.


I have self employed client who currently makes a loss each year. He owns a rental property with his wife and is currently in the process of purchasing a further investment property.


I've got an employee who is having £48 per week deducted as a salary sacrifice for 10 weeks to cover training costs.  He is hourly paid.  How do I reflect this on his payslip?  I've got another, sa


Can anyone help with this scenario:

Someone buys a house but for personal reasons does not move in straight away and the property is rented out:



please advise how to calculate holiday pay? 

my last employer has used this calculation:

my gross salary: 1450 per month

accrued holidays: 21 days


I have a sole trader with a year end date of 31st March who has traded for a number of years.  On the 1st of September he it changed to a partnership.