My client, who runs a UK company has employed a person who is lives and works for them in Hong Kong. Can anyone tell me what the tax implications are?

Thank you


VAT on postage fees from private sellers by EBay


A friend of mine has lent me £30,000 on which I will pay him interest at 8%pa.


Firstly I would stress that the client completed his own VAT claim but it has been rejected.

The situation is as follows:-


If an employee has an incorrect tax code who has authority to ask for it to be amended:

1) Personal tax agent

2) Tax payer


Four men from London have been jailed for a cumulative total of 20 years after HMRC discovered they had stolen £4m in VAT and

I have a new client who has returned from living in Spain. She had  villa which he brought and sold with her late husband.


I have a large discretionary trust client with significant income each year.  The tax pool has been accumulating for many years and currently stands at over £800,000.  The trust is for the benefit