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A farming partnership has for decades shown the land and buildings in the partnership balance sheet.


Taxpayer has land let on grazing basis for many years which has been declared as self-employment.


I apologise for my poor understanding of pensions, but I am struggling to get to grips with setting up pension contributions within Quickbooks.  Quickbooks advises that employer contributions to an


A company with £20,000 annual profit which Buys a £1600 laptop, or Donates £200 to charity Does not get do do these at zero cost in real terms. They both still cost around 80% of the price paid it


Corporation Tax Comp:

I would be grateful to hear which CP box is used for Directors' Childcare Vouchers which are at the allowable limit.


Client has a trading company which has a heavily overdrawn director's loan account (call it £500k) and few other assets or liabilities.  We want to wind it up and we want the director-shareholder t


A client is registered for VAT in a partnership and has a sole trader business running alongside it, but different activities.


We have a client who's mother has recently passed away. He has inherited a large sum of money which he wants to bring to the UK.


My client is a flat management company owning the freehold of a block of flats.

I’m considering a VAT situation for a client and it’s an area where I’m uncertain - it would be good to have some other thoughts.

The question boils down to,