Does anyone know of any brokers that provide revenue audit insurance that covers the cost of the accountants fees in the event of an audit. 


Client used to do CIS work now PAYE but wants to do some work when he can. Not done any for a couple of years, however.


Due to growing family needs we had to move from our two beds flat to a three bed house that we are renting but could only do that if get rental money from the flat - any less and we won't be a


Guys I have an urgent request!

Does anyone have some TEMPLATE Directors Minutes they could send me?


I need them for the following:


HMRC’s civil servants have been working overtime in the run up to their summer holdiays and have unleashed a flood of consultation documents and draft legislation.

Company is registered in England and Wales

Company has sole director-shareholder who is resident overseas and never sets foot in the UK


I've got a meeting next week with a prospective new client, basically a self employed labourer.


AIM stocks which are held for more than 2 years may be free of IHT (as some qualify for BPR)

I have a client , who's previous Accountant informed them , that the SA was filed .

We subsequently discovered in May , this wasn't the case .


Under the housebuilders scheme where they rent the properties they have constructed due to the downturn in the market, the HMRC brief mentions that you can use different partial exemption calculati