I've recently been discussing the requirement to pay Directors the legal minimum wage - as this could affect the 'dividend versus salary' decision.


I've completed a job for a client, I applied for and received a HMRC login.  The person (employee) who's taken on the job has asked me for my HMRC login because they've not yet received their own.


I am preparing accounts (and will need to submit tax comp in due course) for a newly set-up CIC (a professional sports club and not a CASC) which at its outset had transferred into it the remaining


Just a quick question. Is a company secretary considered an "officer" for Entrepreneurs relief?


Measures to make access to pension savings more flexible are set out in the Taxation of Pensions Bill, due to have its second reading in the House of Commons next Wednesday, 29 October.

I have a client that has not submitted VAT returns for a long time, and has paid very little in determinations.  In fact most of the determinations have not been paid.


an old client has reappearred and he hasnt submitted since 2004 05 , so i have immediately filed 2012 13 & 2013 14, we cant file earlier returns so does he wait for HMRC to contact him or does


Politicians need to give “considerable and careful” thought to the implications of further devolution of tax powers to Scotland, a leading professional body has warned as a commission seeks agr

It’s approaching that time of year again.


Tax experts are giving evidence to MPs considering the National Insurance Contributions Bill, which includes measures to simplify payment of NICs by the self-employed and extend the Finance Act