The government should either scrap the current inheritance tax (IHT) system or make significant changes to make it simpler and fairer, according to a new report from Grant Thornton.


A client forgot to provide details of a rental surplus on a jointly owned commercial property and consequently it was left of his tax returns.


I have just phoned HMRC to make an arrangement to pay for one of my clients. He owes £802 and needs to make 4 payments to settle his account.


In late April 2010 we were worried that our company money was all held in one bank and decided to get money out of the company to its two directors, who would hold the funds in trust for the compan


I have 2 clients who I took on a couple of years ago. They run a limited company, which we have done a fair amount of work with to make it tax efficient.


My personal client has incurred unreimbursed mileage in a close company that he is one of the directors and shareholders.  As the company has not generated any profits yet no salary or dividends ha


ignore, sorted it

where one is claiming and carrying back capital loss on EIS shares against income does the transaction need to get disclosed on the cgt pages as well as additional information pages?

A client vests some shares in an unapproved share scheme. Some of the shares are immediately sold by the broker to satisfy the PAYE liability.