Have been trying to file CT returns for 2010 using the Drummohr software.


Iris have indicated not, but I am convinced we have done this in the past; has anyone been able to do this successfully.


Faced with fee resistance and rising overheads we are looking to make savings wherever we can.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a cheap but good set of tax annuals?


This is an extract from a letter received by a client when they notified a change of address for VAT:


HMRC’s investigation into Rangers Football Club got underway again in Edinburgh this week with an unpaid tax bill of £24m in question.

This came up recently and I can't seem to find any guidance on it.  HMRC website says that shares paid in lieu of cash are taxed and NI'd, but the cooperative I was talking to seemed mystified by t

HMRC has launched two new toolkits to help tax agents and their clients minimise mistakes when dealing with company losses and chargeable gains for companies.

The case for extending legal professional privilege (LPP) to the clients of chartered accountants has taken another turn and will now be heard by the Supreme Court.


A client purchased a fully-furnished property for £250k in January 2009 with a view to selling it.



I have a client who is being forced to restructure the ownership structure of his Companies by his bank.