Strange tax enquiry question. The client is a typical contractor/consultant -not IT, but does get work via an agency usually on 6 month contracts.


Is it possible to create 'confidential' clients on HMRC's online systems, so certain clients' data can only be viewed by certain staff members?


I thought others might be interested in my new procedure, with which I have been replying to needless requests for information from HMRC, the Council, etc:

We are bringing together several individuals who wish to fund a residential property development. This is to be a one off not a continuing business.

I've started a new business 1st January 2012 (limited company) and am considering adding my car to the company's assets.  I bought the car from new in March to I value the car?


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Hoping you can help me.



I have a new client who has been working abroad and paying foreign tax and did not realise he had to complete tax returns and possibly pay uk tax.  He received a repayment of tax deducted through p

I have a few cilents who have been getting tax credits, and are contacting me in a panic to ask what the HMRC knows about thier income that they don't know!


I have used the PTP tax credits planner for a number of years and like it but they roll out the new version so late.  Is the Kevin Salter planner available stand-alone, ie opther than as part of th


My client receives income through an old style IIP trust, which owns farm land from which an income is derived, some of the land is held outside the trust by third parties and the third party and t