have a client moving to oz soon and I'm looking to refer the international tax element to another firm who is better placed to advise.


My parents think i should have all their answers when is comes to personal tax just because i'm an accountant.

Director of  a Construction Company which went into liquidation in February starts up new Company in Construction in March.


With the controversy continuing over the decision to levy 20% VAT on pies, pasties and other food served above ambient temperature, The Phantom


Client extended mortgage on own residence to raise a deposit on their first let property.  A buy to let loan was used for the remaining capital.



Please help.  I am desperately trying to file accounts that were a real 11th hour job, for an Industrial and Provident Soc. entity.  HMRC don't like the company ref. no.


A client has just informed me that they have made a duplicate payment for employers paye and nic.  They paid it once by cheque which has been cashed and today forgetting they have already paid it.


My client is one half of a husband / wife partnership, and when his 2010/11 tax return was filed the previous accountant checked the box to have tax collected through his tax code if less than £2,0


I've been teaching part-time a course in a local tech and came across a question on self-employed income where the trader had



I was hoping someone can help. This is the first time I am filing after filing dormant accounts since my company started.