Prior to the sale of a business, our client has formed a holding company to transfer a property out of the trading company to retain this.


Director has been out of the country for most of the tax year and is not resident or ordinarily resident in the UK. He meets the residency rules for Hong Kong for the tax year 2010/11.


Life insurance policy taken out by director in his name, in trust for his wife and paid for by employer limited co [individual is a dir + shareholder of the ltd co ] - called a relevant life policy


My client was declared bankrupt last year. In the meantime he has a successful sole trade.


Client receives £5 per month as a reward for having a set amount in his account each month. Not sure which bank it is.

Is this taxable.

The account does not pay any interest?


Companies who seek to use the Business Payment Support Service in order to pay CT liabilities by instalments are, in our experience, having their applications rejected if the company has a history


Client is resident and ordinarily resident in UK and has been for >10yrs.

They have a pension from their domiciled country of £12,000 per year non of which is remitted to the UK.


Our client (an individual in self assessment) has an old self assessment liability, in respect of which he has previously secured an agreement from the Business Payment Support Service to pay by in