A client has small SA tax debt (under £100) that is overdue.  I would expect, quite correctly, for HMRC to chase them for payment.




A client is ordinarily resident in the UK and is engaged by a company based in a non-EU country to sail around the world


My clients currently owns a number of lock-up garages which he wishes to transfer to his son. 


A new client (taxi driver) has lost all his not very well kept records for the last few years.


AccountingWEB member Philip Seligman struck a blow for fairness and proportionality this month when a first tier tribunal overturned his client’s £5,000 penalty.


Quick question about the enterpreneurs relief condition of one year, scenerio is we have a limited company client that is ceasing after about 10 months trading to take up PAYE job, has built up a d


What inheritance tax reliefs are available, if any, in respect of land used for a quarry? (In following circumstances) ;

I have inherited a company in which various benefits have accrued to the directors loan account resulting in it being overdrawn.


Say you file a SA tax return for an individual, on which there is reported a chargeable gain subject to a s.165 holdover relief claim.

A recent widow is selling a 2nd home which has been owned for 30 years, but lived in for 12 months.  We are aware of the Capital gain on the sale (exempting the last 36 months and her £10k exemptio