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Hi All

I've been reading posts on this site for a period of time but haven't posted here before, so hello to you all.




Just a quick query please.........


Sole trader has two outlets, neither of which have any suitable space for an office. Home is equidistant [sic?] from each shop.


Does the following have to be declared on self assessment tax returns?


1. Cashback from credit cards

2. Airmiles


I have a client who has a private nursery school. It is a ltd co with shareholding.  It does not have charitable status.


A designated member was in an LLP with 2 other des. members for a few years. No partnership agreement in place so reliant upon the default LLP provisions.

Sorry if this has been asked and answered repeatedly, but do the peanut gallery anticipate any RTI administration problems associated with salaries that have an annual payment interval?


New technology is spearheading HMRC’s efforts to improve transparency and close the tax gap, according to Treasury minister David Gauke.

We have recently opened a new coffee shop and the Manager we have hired has requested to be paid as Self-Employed.


I am currently preparing accounts for my parents business.  They have just incorporated.  My question is this....they have a small joinery business and as such have some expensive machinery which h