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Each year I send out in the post to each client the annual letter requesting the SA tax return information. With each letter I enclose the IRIS checklist showing the PY info for that client.


A client of mine has been approached by a US company to do some work for them.


IR35 has been extended to ‘office holders’ in Finance Bill 2013, which could have implications for accountants, according to IR35 consultants 


HMRC has now released a note setting out its approach to


The government must give “swift assurance” that the introduction of the Universal Credit will not cause a rise in benefit fraud, MPs have said.


Hi All

I work for a VAT registered charity that receives Business income, where we charge VAT and Non Business Income (grants).

Year End is 31 March


We made a salary payment to an employee who had given us the wrong bank details. Unfortunately the details she provided were those of a legitimate account, just not hers.


We all know that the British have two obsessions - the weather and house prices, writes Jennifer Adams.