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Client purchased and lived in home 'A' for a year while working self-employed (he's not a builder).


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A Client was left a house after the death of his Grandfather. The house had a sitting tennant that only recently passed away enabling the Client to take posession.


Businesses which are required to issue VAT-only invoices for things like supplies covered by insurance claims will now be able to reclaim 100% of bad debt relief on the unpaid VAT following a tax t

I wrote a long post, then realised I have got the wrong end of the stick... I think.  So a short question which may cause the reemergence of the long question!


It has been stated on this forum that the main accountancy bodies and the FSA consider that any charge made to clients to cover potential accountancy costs resulting from a future tax enquiry, amou


If my director pays himself a salary of £589 for Jan, Feb and March by the end of March what are his HMRC reporting obligations?  Will he have to complete P14s, P35s or is there any exemption for r


A husband and wife have been sentenced at the Old Bailey for attempting to steal £220,000 through a complex VAT fraud involving designer goods.

So following the budget confirmation that rent a chair income is a supply of services and therefore counts along with hairdressing turnover towards the registration threshold, I have a lot of panic