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Does anyone know how to set up a direct debit for VAT on the HMRC portal? I seem to remember it offered you the option when you went to complete a VAT return, but now I cannot see it.


I work for a hotel type of business where in the run up to Christmas there is never a night when all the staff can get together for our own Christmas function.


Hi I am relatively new here.



A client is hoping to sell his house with 4 acres of land for building with a large windfall.  He wishes to arrange the sale to the best advantage to save cgt or inheritance tax in the future.  The



Has anyone else today started to notice P6 changes in coding as a result of P11D submissions, which include a van benefit when none were advised to HMRC?




where director of OMB hires car for a few days for exclusive use on a business trip does any reportable BIK arise?


The right of UK sports clubs not to charge VAT on fees for non-members will have to be decided by the European Court of Justice following a referral from a upper tier tax tribunal.


A taxpayer who incorrectly claimed tax relief in his tax return has overturned a £14,000 penalty after a tribunal ruled his accountant was to blame for the careless error.