Company is looking to issue new shares to an employee equating to 5% of the company share capital.


A new client came to me last year needing tax returns for 2004-2010 as he had a rental property with tax owing for the last 6 years. The tax bill came to about £5,000.


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£80 has been received as child benefit from government. In which box and page of the personal tax return this has to be shown?


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I was working away on last minute tax returns as many of you probably are and suddenly had a problem with my softaware DIGITA personal tax.


is there some software that can show me all options and teh tax charge in all situations, including company and personal tax, NI etc

i saw the PTP one, are there any others?


Say you file an SA100 before 31 Dec and elect therein for the balancing payment to be collected through PAYE.

Are any of the following allowable expenses for a self employed chef -

1)  A bike purchased just before trading commenced, to travel to work.


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My plan is to read up on some areas of accounting that I'm not so hot at (long term contracts, partial exemption VAT to name a couple), while the madness dies down in Feb.


My client is a gamekeeper working on various estates. He purchased a working cocker, purely for the purpose of managing the estates.