I'm an IT contractor and, assuming (for the purposes of this thought experiment) that IR35 would not apply, am trying to establish whether or not registering as a Ltd company is worthwhile in order


Since late 2007, I work for a Biotechnology company based in France. They do not have a UK office but I am their UK representative and based at my home (i.e. home office).  


Does this paragraph translate as Henderson treating the amortisation of investment contracts as tax allowable?

I have been asked by my employer to look over the financial statements of large investment companies to find any instances of them amortising investment contracts as intangible assets and then trea

We have a client who has ceased trading as a sole trader, they then transferred the business to begin trading as a limited company.


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for arguments sake, say my farming client's situation is as follows:

08/09 £10,000 Loss

09/10 £5,000 Loss

10/11 £10,000 profit


HMRC has added to its library of tax toolkits to help advisers reduce the likelihood of err


Accountants have reported that their clients had started receiving letters in the past week advising them that


We have a director shareholder client who was paid a large dividend from his property development company for the y/e 30/9/08.


From April 2011, EIS invstments will attract a reduction in the individuals income tax liability of 30%.