The government has updated the proposed gateway test for Controlled Foreign Companies (CFCs), with revised draft legislation following a “blindingly short” consultation.

Had a visit today from a person about house rentals.


Does SDLT apply to the transfer of a property by an individual to a company by means of a Declaration of Trust which transfers beneficial ownership to the company. 


For various income tax and IHT planning strategies, a partnership is to be set up for the principal's (adult) children.


My Self Assessment Tax Return is currently under enquiry and the Inspector has asked me to provide evidence of a cash gift from my parents (eg bank statement) even though it was transferred into my


I have a panicky client wanting to know why the £90k payment they sent to the Collector by direct transfer on 20 February is not showing on their Self Assessment record.   I have now been listening


I have a Ltd Co Client who is deregistering for VAT as he is trading well below the registration limit.


Morning all,

I submitted a VAT 652 to HMRC Liverpool the week before Christmas and havent heard a peep.  Is this normal?


If a sales person was to travel from home immediately to a customer's property should it be classed as business mileage for the purposes of deductions?


Letting agent has always worked in the conventional manner as go between for landlord and tenant. He has now spotted an opportunity to increase margins as follows: