Mr A is NR and NOR for CGT purposes by virtue of being NR and NOR for 5+ years.


I have a client who sold his business mid 2010/11 and left the UK for Egypt Permanently. The sale agreement is that he receives £1,000 per month for 48 months as a consultancy payment.


VAT officers during a visit have (according to them) interogated the till of a take away restaurant and said they have uncovered "concealed actual numebr of z reports".


Client acquired a Mitsubishi L200 Warrior DI-D D/C Pick Up (first registered 2006) during 2010/11 tax year. Car is held is company's name and I need to compute BIK.


Can any users out there confirm whether this is hearsay or fact?  I've heard that hassling HMRC means they are more likely to hassle you, eg ask for a VAT concession and get a VAT inspection.


My client recieved a letter from HMRC for compliance inspection for the years 2008/09 and 2009/10. Compliance officer visited client premises discussed with FD and seen records.


What would you charge for a VAT registration and setting up a payroll scheme (2 director employees)? I am charging £100 for each to cover the form, the data gathering and any follow up.


I have been asked to review a client employer's PAYE records for 2010/11. One employee starter was allocated a code 647L in spite of having signed a P46 to say that she had other employment.


I have a client who for the past three years maybe should have been VAT registered but wasn't.