I have a question regarding setting up a partnership between 2 people.

Currently both are self employed and not VAT registered, they do not want to change this if possible.




i am a recent set up my own limited company and i would  be grateful if someone can given me some guidance on how to produce some accounts.



If someone owns a narrowboat on the canal and rents it out as domestic accommodation, as opposed to holiday rentals, how is it taxed?


I'm getting a lot of queries about planning for grandchildren's university fees. ( Isn't everybody?)


A client incorporated a sole trader business (started April 2003) and a goodwill figure has been agreed with the Shares Valuation Office at the IR. The intention is to write it off over 10 years.


The legislation to amend the Furnished Holiday Letting (FHL) legislation is introduced by section 52 and Schedule 14 of FA 2011.


My client has asked if the payment of Directors remuneration of £589 per month can be treated as a paper exercise.  It would be credited to Directors current account but not drawn until the company


Company year end is 30th September

Return needs to be submitted by 30th September 2011

It will not be possible to file the return by this date


An attempt by the government to encourage people to leave money to charities in their wills has “fundamental defects” and should be replaced, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has said