I feel a moron, but if a client has a car with a WDV of £20,000, is his WDA (assuming 20%) still capped at £3,000?  I feel it was changed a while back, but can't prove it to myself...


I have been in contact with HMRC's Business Payment Support Service in an attempt to secure a corporation tax instalment plan for a client.  This case is one where the two director/shareholders tak


A client has rented out their house. When they lived in the house they raised further mortgages in addition to the mortgage used to fund the original purchase of the house.


Two directors of the same company - one director with outstanding loan of over £5k, other one less than £5k.  Do I need to report the less than £5k director on the CT600?



Haven't done tax for years and a friend has asked me a question.  She has been a higher rate tax payer for about 3 years and mainly earns through PAYE.  She has been getting interest on a bnak acco


The is small pool of assets (less than £10000 which have never had capital allowances or AIA claimed (not needed to due to small profits).


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I am trying to calculate standard charge out rates for our staff and have to have a addition line in there for our NI.


My dad read somewhere that there is IHT relief on classic cars and is really interested in buying one.  He has lost the magazine that the article was in and I can see no reference to such a relief


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