Am I right in thinking that a limited company should only have one trade per company?


My client, a sole trader who works in the construction industry, has recently purchased an old caravan in order to save himself hotel and B&B cost whilst working on a contract which is over 100


I have two clients in construction industry who started an LLP 7 months ago as they were working on the same contract (both previously sole traders) and decided they would team up.


The majority of my clients pay by standing order.


I see that in Dina Foods TC 1546 HMRC did not provide the bundle until the day of the hearing.  This has happened to me too. Is it a regular HMRC tactic?


A number of measures in the Finance Bill 2012 are designed to encourage investment in small companies, including the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) announced by George Osborne in his Autu

A client's employees work at temporary sites and they stay overnight in hotels.


The government has postponed for a full year the introduction of a statutory residence test


Anyone else having problems getting on the HMRC's website this morning.  OK earlier on but now nothing.  Was anything schedule for today?