Would the above be viewed as skills up - date? My client is a senior manager in his company and he is considering financing his own certificate.


HMRC has identified over £9m owed in undeclared tax as a result of its fast food outlet crackdown in London and revealed big business involvement. 


I have had a call from a lady (not an existing client) who has some rental properties in the North East and one in the South East.



We act for a semi professional golfer, who

a) Is employed at his local course


I have a client who owns a UK property which he has rented out from September 2008, and continues to rent out.


Please enlighten me of the deemed negligible loss of an asset.


Hello all,
I am a serving soldier with almost 22 years done, none of it in a finance related environment. I am ready to begin a new career and would appreciate any advice or opinion.


Hello,  I am inhouse and am with recouping monies via a bad debt insurance policy over a company that went into liquidation over a year ago.  Prior to the liquidation (which was for tax and not a d


I have a client who has to pay Proceeds of Crime compensation. The complainant owes my client £57,000 which may be £85,000 after the compensation is paid.


My client rents out unfurnished houses. One of his tenants asked for a satellite dish this time last year. The client spent £600 on purchase and installation of the dish.