I have a client that has acquired some tomato growing land, together with some kit to be erected/installed as sophisticated greenhouses which will be regarded as plant when complete.


What is purchase cost of 10p shares sold June 2010. Purchsed 25p shares in March 2009



I run a small limited company which is primarily used for my own contracting work and that of my fiancee.


I have had a rash of ex Servicemen considering employment on anti piracy duties on merchant ships.

It is likely that they will form a company to sub contract to the main contractor.


Where do you start these days if you want to put in a March 1982 value to calculate a gain on disposal?

I am looking at a retail shop. 



We filed a 2011 P35 on-line for a client (not a nil return), prior to the filing deadline. No instant confirming e-mail was received at the time but no rejection notice was received either.


So, it is said, the landmark ruling against Seychelles-based billionaire Robert Gaines-Cooper could see thousands of British tax exiles chased for backdated tax, says Simon Sweetman.


Builder claiming input tax on own investment properties.

In what circumstances is this OK?


If a Car Allowance is paid through the payslip and taxed do you deduct the gross amount from the total mileage cost even if it is not listed on the P11D Section E to get the total mileage relief?

My client has belatedly performed an exercise to "tidy up" an inherited messy fixed asset register.  The net effect is that substantially more assets have been identified.