Our client is paying a hefty premium for change of use and also lease extension.

Will this always be a capital item?

I have just taken on a VAT registered UK client who supplies services to VAT registered companies in various other EC member states and also to companies outside the EC.


I have a client with about thirty properties for rental.


I have a client with about thirty properties for rental.


I am  dealing with a client who is contemplating withdrawing the cash free sum on his pension plan to pay off some debts.  He is under sixty and will not be taking any income from the plan.  At pre

If one 'sets a trust up' but never bothers to tell the IR, but continues to pay at appropriate 10 yr anniversaries, could it be argued that it was never set up?

Submitted a claim under Section 37(3)(b) of the CT Act 2010 by letter to CT Office on 7th July ( this year !!!!) and had notification in today's post that client has been sent a payable order.


Does the appointment of a second, minority shareholding, director circumvent the IR35 problem?  Is this a recognised way of getting round it?



Thanks to anyone that can give me some guidance and a point in the right direction.