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Client is additional rate taxpayer and transferred various shares to wife (who is a basic rate taxpayer) over the years.


So 2007/08 is now out of date and the Return that I told a client to hand in by 5 April stayed unopened in it's envelope because he's scared of opening post.


 Client owns a property which was until recently his and his wife’s PPR (now let) however his wife never owned it.   I am proposing a transfer of equitable interest to a 99:1 basis in favour of wif


The Confederation of British Industry has hit back at claims that big companies are dodging their “fair share” of tax.

With the Real Time Information (RTI) pilot under way, Diana Bruce from the CIPP presents an overview of the new PAYE regime and the changes you will need to consider ahead of full implementatio


I have a company client whose director took dividends last year. HMRC launched an enquiry and has re-classified some of the company income as belonging to the company director under Schedule D.

I received, not one, but two letters from HMRC PAYE and SA at Newcastle dated 17 April 2012 worded exactly the same for the same client which included the following paragraphs:


Please do anyone know if  Class 1a NI is payable on employees who left the company before the end of the tax year. We have 5 employee who left the company before the end of the tax year.


The director of a small company bought a PC on behalf of the company with his personal credit card. 


W inherited a property, lived in it for 15 years, let it out after marrying H, now 12 years later wants to sell it. Gain in 2012/13 will be £40k after PPR and letting exemption but before AE.