A client of mine received money for his shares in a trading company under court order as part of his divorce settlement.    Would this be subject to Capital Gains Tax?


Client has 6 years worth of returns to submit , no tax is due on any due to level of income. However his 2006 return in which CIS was suffered shows a refund due of approx. £1k


Chancellor George Osborne will make his autumn statement to the House of Commons on 29 November.

do you have relevant podcasts/webinars you wish to share with aw readers?


do aw readers think there should be more discussion groups and if so on what topics?


Client with a  property income from New Zealand.  Property was bought several years ago and made losses until last year but expect to make income this year.  Client is registered as Non-Resident fo


I have a client who owns the majority of shares in two UK companies (so these are associated), he also owns 100% of the shares in a Chinese company.  Would this also be an associated company, makin


i have trading losses from a partnership carried forward from 2009/10 some of which i am setting off against 2010/11 trading profits.



I have a client who runs a VAT exempt business (day nursery). Now wants to build a new building. All funds will come from directors' own funds (i.e. not borrowing from Y)



Client purchases a machine from Belgium circa £40k (paid in Euros).

No vat on invoice - correct.