Group Structure: UK Holding Company (Company A) - 61% owned Foreign subsidiary (Company B) - 100% owned UK sub-subsidiary (Company C).


A client owns land, and as part of the Rural Priorities Scheme (run by the state and the Forestry Commission) he is to enter into a fifteen year arrangement involving the planting of trees on the l


Am I missing something?  When new clients come to see me when they have just set up a sole director/shareholder company, I set up the usual profit extraction mechanism i.e.


I would be grateful for recommendations for tax specialist for my practice. This would be for my high net worth clients.


New guidance from the taxman on how property and “flat management” companies should present their accounts has confused accountants, reports Nick Huber.


Evening all

I went to file a client return and there was no VAT return for the quarter. Instinctively I called HMRC who offered the following explanation:


There are two companies A & B owned by the same director and shareholder.


Back in May the government launched a four part consultation on Modern Workplaces, ex

There have been several articles in the technical press concerning the US Government's crack down on tax reporting requirements for US Citizens currently resident in the UK.


For 7 years a new client (Mrs A) has been trading through a partnership of which the partners are:-

1. Herself

2. A company of which she is sole director and shareholder