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Can a company that has made a small profit accrue the entire profit as a donation to charity and reduce their CT bill to nil?  


My client was due to complete on his house purchase last Friday, but completion fell through because one of the parties in the chain banks with NatWest.


can anyone recommend any good reading about tax for contractors?  I'd like to ensure that I am not missing anything my clients can claim for.


Thank you


Looking at page 11 of this link 


A Sole Trader currently uses a van for business and plans buying a motorcycle for use as well for quotes etc. Could anyone please confirm the VAT treatment re claiming input VAT on the purchase?


A Labour government would consider making HMRC more accountable to parliament and review whether the department has enough resources after heavy job cuts, a member of the shadow cabinet has sai


Hi Guys,

I have a query regarding p11d's. My first time having to deal with them!


I've been looking at past posts on Childcare (which are mostly early in 2011), and also on Google, but want to double check the following please: