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HMRC sent letters directly to 1,500 people who have signed up to one particular avoidance scheme, urging them to pull out and contact the authorities about their tax affairs.


A UK situated holiday rental property is owned by an offshore company. SDLT was paid on the original purchase by the offshore company.

My client rents her propery out. By her own admission it is sparsely furnished, if at all furnished.....white goods only! The 10% wear and tear allowance has been claimed.


I have had a query from a client based in Cyprus looking to relocate to the UK with his family (runs own web design business).


Anyone tried to complete the new form 1614A online, and email it to client for signature?


My client is a property developer and acquired a uk ltd company in 2010 which owned a property in need of development.

I have recently started my own practice


My company spent £1,000 on a pc and £20,000 on our website.  Our other cost was wages and our total costs this year were £52,000. Turnover was £52,100 so we just about made £100 for the year.


We have a client who is a significant albeit minority (40%) shareholder in a close UK trading company of which he is also a director.