I have a company who owns a building and rents it out. No other income. It is therefore clearly an investment company.

A client has just emailed me to ask what a "parking fine trust" is.

I have never heard of it and client seems to be under the impression that it is some sort of tax saving device.


I act for a few pharmacists and dentists who each have both self employment and employment income.


I hope this is a question that someone can help me with.


I have a client who managed a pub/restaurant for a number of years and in 2004 he purchased the pub and the business including £100,000 worth of goodwill.


"Details of the special transitional rules will be provided once the legislation has been enacted."


Cornish brewer Foodswild is facing a £9,230 backdated duty bill after HMRC ruled that its Cornish Stin


VATable trader purchased van and recovered input VAT. Vehicle was in accident which, for insurance purposes, was a write-off (simply meaning that it was not economically reparable).


Has anyone out there got experence of dealing with an academy school which has found itself liable to Coporation Tax on profits derived from miscellaneous sources such as allowing the general publi


Can someone guide me as to what/whether interest and penalties will be due in the following scenario: