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The automatic exchange of financial information between governments and tax authorities is helping to counter tax evasion, but there is room for

Male born in UK works the early part of his life in the Channel Isles. Then works all over the world including Scotland.


Recently my company started a branch in another country and we are reallocating one employee to that country to look after the branch as our international director.


Joe works for a regional charity. The charity only has one office - the HQ. Joe's job is to visit charity clients who are based in the area in which Joe lives.


A client married couple spend part of there time in the UK and part of it in Italy. We are happy that they are UK resident but we need to know if they may be Italian resident as well for tax.


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Do you know if I should treat "lease premium received for sub-let" in the following case as "lease premium write offs"?


The impacts of the recent non-dom legislation on those who just have relatively small assets overseas.

as title says, is   finders fee deductible as an incidental cost of acquisition in the hands of the purchaser and is it subject to income tax for the finder?



My client is a Jersey company wholly owned by a Panamanian discretionary trust.


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I would be very grateful as if someone can help to answer my question.


I will explain the whole story: