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A potential new client has come to me to disclose undeclared rental profits going back as far as 2003 on a residential property.  In principal tax is payable for all years concerned.


My net taxable income as a sole trader is 43K

My personal allowance is (say) 8K

Will I be liable for tax at the 40 % rate or at the 20% rate ?

Thank you.



The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has said that the smallest businesses should be allowed to use receip


Does anyone have practical experience of the VAT treatment on invoices to EU agencies, specifically EDA? The invoice is for training services in Brussels plus training aids (goods).


A client with an FHL has done a big refurb in 2011/12 which given that AIA is still £100K I suspect means with capital allowances there is likely to be a fairly significant loss in the year.  Howev

This may be a straightforward qustion for some of you but after looking around on the web I can't seem to find an answer.


A client of mine ran a shop through a limited company.  They have now sold the business.  The purchaser would not simply buy the share capital and insisted on buying the trade and assets (fair enou


Company A (our client) invoices a UK Employment agency for the services of the sole director undertaking specialist IT work.  The work is all done at the ultimate client premises outside the UK in


I think that the latest "Agent Update 28" is cack-handed. It starts straight in about "Payroll Alignment" in very technical and off-putting terms - poor communication.