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Hi, my client has taken out a (repayment) mortgage and purchased a house for his elderly father to live in, as the father was unable to obtain a mortgage himself.


Have received an HMRC enquiry into a 2010-11 loss relief claim on an FHL business (against total other income) where the loss relates principally to capital allowances.


Quick question. Do you add additional time (charges) when taking a client to court for outstanding fees? Do you charge full hourly rate?


Hi everyone. I am a bit new to sage, and I am trying to Import Audit Trial Transactions (BRs in particular). However I am getting an error message; "Error in field2  Invalid Account Number".


I am looking for any creative ideas on this one!!



I received a call today from a potential client who is based overseas and has won a very small contract in the UK.  They will carry out IT consultancy


My wife is a high ranking nurse in local hospital and now that I am going it alone a few of the doctors have asked
If I will do their SA returns for them.


Just come across this and wonder if anyone has any thoughts!

Director is only employee. He is paid £3000 a year, but will need p11d


I've been asked to become the treasurer of a local "save our hospital services" campaign group.