Not one for my clients but a question my wife asked me (which I didn't know the answer and she hates to be disappointed!).


Good morning all,

a client of mine has been talking to a client of his, as they do (a la I was talking to a man in the pub....!) and came to me with the following:



I think I know the answer to this (and I think it's been raised here before, but can't find anything) - but want to check:

Just taken on a large retail company (unquoted) for PAYE advisory work. The company has many directors. Do I need ID for all the directors?



Sole trader runs a successful training business. He designed a set of courses and notes which can be used well into the future.


Are there many other accountants who have found difficulty in dealing with HMRC over CIS tax?  My experience with one client made me wonder if there is any substantial difference at a national leve


I have a hospital doctor as a client who gets paid his annual salary via PAYE system.

A sole trader has 2 parrallel businesses - one profitable, the other not. Set off and OK so far.


I have a client who came to see me with three tax calculations for 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10 portraying an overall underpayment of £8,000 plus.


I just want to clarify my thinking on this subject as I appear to be getting conflicting advice.