I’m looking at annual accounts for a small company where the directors loan account is in credit (company owes directors).



I have a client who has recently received a letter from the Pension Service informing him that the state pension he has been receiving since Dec 07 has been too high.

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Hoping someone's around at this time of night to help me...please?  Various facts below:


If a baby hasn't been born by its’ due date, can the start date for the SMP be after the due date?

HMRC guidance says


Just got a new client, a contractor, who's working through his limited company, taking around £12000 salary and the rest in dividends.


I have registered for the online paye for all my payroll clients but the only information that seems to be available is Employer notices, Student Loan notices and Tax Code notices.


Britain’s top tax official has defended HMRC’s strategy for tackling tax evasion and the recent tax deal with Switzerland. Nick Huber reports.

Student starting dentistry...can we pay a bursary on condition they work for us for x yrs on qualifying??


Same as the armed forces and NHS do.