I know someone who is has started up their own tutoring service to pupils through advertising online.


Do I need to consider Notice 741A "reverse charging" for purchases of eBooks, domains & downloadable software bought via web from outside EU.  These have been purchased solely for the business.

I have not dealt with discretionary trusts before. One of my better and lucrative clients recommended me to his friend.



I have just taken on a new client and, after a bit of a struggle, I have received the handover information.


New elderly client has a chargeable event in 2010/2011. Only other income is a pension from which is tax deducted so has not had any need to complete tax return.


I have an overdrawn dircetors loan account that was repaid within the 9 months. Do I need to disclose this on a CT600A?




The country’s financial woes during the past year brought a new level of parliamentary scrutiny to tax and accountancy matters in 2011.

Trading company - 2 directors who are equal shareholders.

Accounting period end 31 December 2011.

Father has a credit to his loan account of £50k.


A client has a limited company trading as management consultants. A yacht was purchased through the company to charter out however due to it not having the necessary certification it has yet to gen