My partner, based on certain seemingly incorrect advice, has purchased a recently closed pub at auction from the brewery with a view to converting into two semi-detached houses, one of which she in


Hi, A friend of mine has approached me with a question.


We have an employee who lives close enough to our office to walk into work each day.


There seems to be a general consensus on this site that an accountant should always look at the underlying paperwork when preparing accounts. (Assume this is not an audit). What about:


Former president of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) Andrew Meeson and three of his business associates who administered a pension scheme, have


Prior to the sale of a business, our client has formed a holding company to transfer a property out of the trading company to retain this.


Director has been out of the country for most of the tax year and is not resident or ordinarily resident in the UK. He meets the residency rules for Hong Kong for the tax year 2010/11.


Life insurance policy taken out by director in his name, in trust for his wife and paid for by employer limited co [individual is a dir + shareholder of the ltd co ] - called a relevant life policy


My client was declared bankrupt last year. In the meantime he has a successful sole trade.