My understanding is that, if I were self employed, even if I say my new pair of jeans is only for when I go out laying tarmac, that's tough and no tax deduction is allowed as the jeans can be worn


A client has married but wishes to be known by her maiden name for banking, HMRC and most other purposes, but I gather she has had her passport changed to her married name. Can she do this?


The taxman has told employers to improve their payroll paperwork after more than 500 returns incorrectly claimed to employ “AN Other” in 2009/10, reports Nick Huber.


HMRC has updated its corporate finance manual, including guidance on tax breaks for debt/equity swaps. Nick Huber reports.

on a contract that means he starts working now but he's not to be paid until April 2012.  So his first payslip will be in the next tax year but relates to work he's done in this tax year.


I have an ongoing hmrc enquiry.

We waited just short of 6 months for a reply received in March.

We replied in May, chased it in August and are still waiting!



Is there a view on whether the application of Exception D in s836(3) ITA 2007 (allowing married joint owners of FHL) is a one-off application or that it can be varied each tax year?

On 31 May 1988 client purchased a property for his business, at that time he was a sole propietor.


I've tried to find the capital allowances for a private hire car on the HMRC site and can't. The HMRC site always give me the raving irits. Does anyone know what they are?