Thousands of taxpayers may have been wrongly fined by HMRC after a run of court rulings reveal that HMRC’s definition of ‘reasonable excuse’ is contrary to the law.


We have a UK domiciled and resident client who used to work for US investment banks in London.

HMRC’s summer consultation season continues with the publication of a discussion document setting out the terms for a proposed

Staff normally come in to their office and then go out to visit clients however they sometimes visit clients on the way to the office.


i have been asked to look at a new clients partial exemption position following a vat visit- the sums involved are not huge .


The Department of Work and Pensions and HMRC are to develop a new centralised service to gather and process data and intelligence on fraud and error.

I have a query relating to voluntary blogging on the internet.

One of our clients has a regular blog on the internet with 50-60,000 followers. This is not connected to 'the day job'.


I'm struggling to get my head round this, and I think it is me rather than the size of the issue.


 I have a client who has a limited partner business for operating investments.