Trading company - 2 directors who are equal shareholders.

Accounting period end 31 December 2011.

Father has a credit to his loan account of £50k.


A client has a limited company trading as management consultants. A yacht was purchased through the company to charter out however due to it not having the necessary certification it has yet to gen

I am preparing a set of company accounts and brought forward in the accounts is an amount of £1030 in "other debtors" where the director of the company made a loan using company funds to his friend


I have had my request for two businesses to be made annual PAYE cases rejected.  The only employee is below the limit for deductions.


Client has changed address.    I need to notify HMRC, but there doesn't seem to be a facility on their website.


HMRC has piloted its new programme of Business Record Checks and run into some controversy in doing so.


the manager will earn £100 per week and live at the public house at no cost to him, is this a benefit in kind or do we work out the value and add to his weekly wage???



In order to qualify for ER, one of the conditions is that an individual needs to hold '5% of ordinary share capital' in a company.


I have been approached by a potential new client who is a private tutor - teaching Spanish & piano (a strange combination and not at the same time I don't think)