The National Audit Office (NAO) sounded a note of caution over HMRC’s plan to trim £1.6bn from its cost base over the next four years. Jon Wilcox reports.


Limited company, selected for an enquiry, (2008 year end)


Following the consultation earlier this year, and the Royal Assent of Finance Act, can we still use ESC16? I thought it was to be curtailed, but nothing in the finance act that I can see?


Does anyone know when the 91 day rule came into being for considering a taxpayers residence status please?  Also can anyone tell me what the rules were relating to employees leaving the UK to take


Client is a medical doctor employed by the NHS in plastic surgery.

He wishes to claim for the cost of surgical loupes £3000, various items of CPD which he has self funded and his car.


 New client came to us last month with a 2007-2008 problem.


I am studying CTA, on a self study basis. Is there anyone in Gloucestershire who would like to be a 'study buddy' -


(couldn't think of a more eloquent term..)


Some advice or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated here





buy 20% shares in amazing whizzco ltd £100k un-quoted owned/run by third pty dirs. owning rest 80%