For a single individual, but fairly large, company in industry seeking software to complete year end forms P11D, which do all y'all recommend as

a) best of breed, and if different


Company has very little value or assets.


I am a tax investigator (country = NOT UK) working on a case where I suspect evasion of VAT.


Previously we have had clients who have developed computer programs both web based and PC where the use fitted all the criteria.


the non dom spouse has lived continually in the uk for the past 20+yrs, is the younger of he spouses  - does the 55k 'limit' still apply ?

In this fourth and final iXBRL software and services review, John Stokdyk considers the options for organisations that engage outside partners to take care of iXBRL tagging for them.


As Lord Carter’s programme for universal online filing nears its conclusion, new changes are bein

Mr X owns both a town home and a country home, both of which he has used continuously as his private residences, regularly going from one to the other.  He has never made a PPR election and is now


 I do the CT but not the audit for a company.  It has changed functional currency.  Previously records were maintained in USD but statutory accounts were prepared in Sterling.


Preparing the 2009/10 Tax Return it was clear that deferment of Class 2/4 NIC was appropriate. We duly submitted the form for 2010/11 and this has been returned by the NIC Office.