I have an estate agent client who is incorporating from a partnership (with his non fee earning wife) to a limited company.


All assets of an estate have been distributed, except formalisation of of the transfer of the deceased's home has not yet taken place.  The property has been rented, should the rent (prior to trans


Please help me with advise.


Company (Ltd) soon will have new 100% shareholder and director.  At the moment company has VAT number and send VAT returns every 3 months.


Company built seven flats and has now sold them suffering a large loss. The company has never made a profit.
My thinking is that the trade has finished and that the losses cannot be used


I have a client who is American but lived in this country for decades.  He has just wirtten a book in his spare time which he had self published in America.  He has received a small sum for royalti


planning application requires car lift in order to use garage on lower level.not basement.can vat be reclaimed on car lift?thanks


can a person be employed by a company and paid under PAYE and also have self employed income from the same source. Is this covered by IR35.


I had a letter from HMRC which required a quick and easy answer so I though I would phone and deal with it then and there.


The number of criminal convictions for tax evasion jumped by 38% over the past year as HMRC has taken a more focused approach, according to law firm McGrigors. Nick Huber reports.


Hi all,

Could anyone help with the following scenario please?