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What are recent experiences of penalties being levied for these being submitted late (e.g. a week or two late)?


Can a new agent ask for our tax file on the basis that its the clients property. My initial reaction is take a running jump (or take all the papers out and send them just the file :)).


How many have these swaps been sold.  How many small buisness's have been financially damaged as a direct result of these products.  Does any one have any information relating to this topic

His argument - he's joining the golf club so that he can meet prospects and hold meetings with prospects/clients at there.


I was transferring PDQ amounts from the takings account, to the main bank account, one of them has entered itself as a payment, rather than a transfer.


Company A is owned 50% by company B and 50% by the brother of the controlling shareholder of company B. Company B does not want dividends but brother does in preference to salary to avoid NIC.

Hi Could anyone please clarify the Box 6 treatment in the VAT return for the following:

Sale from UK to USA

As I understand it there are two available treatments:


Simple question. I have a client who wants to set off his CIS deductions against his CT liability. I believe the PAYE office to write to regarding this was Long Benton.


Hi Everybody,

I'm having a 'blonde' moment!!