I have a nasty suspicion I already know the answer to this question but hopefully someone might be able to point me in an alternative direction.


My Client is an Australian citizern and has spent the following time in the UK


2005 tax year 186 days

2006 tax year nil days

2007 tax year 87 days


Simon Sweetman takes a look back at Budget 2012 and outlines six things the profession didn’t learn from the Chancellor's speech and published documentation.


that an individual cannot contract out of his personal responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of his tax returns?


Is there an alternative to DPNI ( ) for British employees


My client has £50k of shares and is a higher rate tax payer. She pays additional tax on her dividends

Her husband is a BR tax payer


I have a client who is in the process of purchasing a plot of land on which he plans build an industrial unit.  He is currently in a trading partnership and wants to rent the unit, when built, to h


Trying tio work through the age allowance in the budget.


How long will it take for peronal alloances to exceed this - so pensioners are on level playing field??



We have heard the budget day speech but have you spotted any devils in the detail?(Tasmanien clauses)