In an investigation can HMRC insist on examining a balance sheet in respect of all sole traders and partnerships 


The Employer CD-ROM will not be issued this year, and instead the range of tools on it will be available to download from HMRC’s website.


Think-tank New Economics Foundation (NEF) has issued a briefing asking whether banks would be making any profit at all without billions in hidden subsidies from the British taxpayer and bank cu


In line with my policy to make CDs, upgrades and backups a thing of the past, I'm looking about for an easy to use but comprehensive online payroll service.  I've had a look at MyPAYE and "The Payr


I think this might finally be the year I migrate away from PTP. Obviously, Absolute is going to be an option given all the favourable comments it has had.

I am aware that HMRC can go back and re-assess for prevoius years under the Discovery provisions under normal Self Assessment enquiries, but my recollection is that they cannot ask for records for

In the third successive year that a company tax return is more than 3 months and 6 months late the filing penalties are £500 and £500.


 A couple have separated. It looks like wife will be entitled to half of her retired police officer husbands police pension, paid directly to her.


Got the usual messages in my outlook inbox

Went to HMRC site and looked at the messages - criteria this year - bmalnk to blank and 2001/2012 blank to blank


Annual coding notices started going out last month. With the past year's chaos behind us, Rebecca Benneyworth sets the scene for the 2010-11 year end process.