I have a UK client who has a potential contract for £1m worth of standard rated product with a customer in Republic of Ireland.  This product is likely to be sourced in the USA and shipped direct t


Hello all,

I have a client who manages a public house, the brewery insist that he must stay on the premises (included in his contract).




Could anyone explain if storage income is treated the same as rental income on a corporation tax return please?



An upper tribunal decided that HMRC was correc


I Have a question regarding a new client based on the following circumstances:

1.My customer started business as a sole trader in Feb 2010

Client has started as sole trader Nov 2010, with capital allowances he has made a loss. I presume I can carry this loss forward agaisnt any profits


Hi All

I'll bullet point below the outline of the question below. The benefit of someone's knowledge and experience would be gratefully received.

I am trying to contact the Accounts Office to find out about a disputed PAYE liability. So far I have been on hold for 29 minutes.




Director purchases a car and then wants to sell it to his company.

In 2008, halving relief was abolished for individuals.