I have a client who came to see me with three tax calculations for 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10 portraying an overall underpayment of £8,000 plus.


I just want to clarify my thinking on this subject as I appear to be getting conflicting advice.


My company, despite several chases, has so far failed to issue me with a P11d for the previous tax year.  I have a company car and fuel benefit which I have to declare when I do my annual self-asse


HMRC has published updated guidance relating to pension reforms that are due to come into force n

  • Client runs a very successful Haulage and agricultural partnership.  Within this business he has a helicopter which he uses for travel between sites.

A farming partnership consiting of H&W are about to construct a new house on their land. 


I have a situation, where, a new clients previous agent has been  adding back the amortisation of goodwill in the corporation tax return, since the accounting period ending 31 March 2006.  Goodwill


My clients owns three rented properties two of which 2 are rented out and one which has been empty since October 2009.


Paying employees through loans and trusts to avoid tax will be forbidden in most cases under new draft guidance on