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Client has lived for some years in Australia and is  tax-resident there.

Formerly, he was UK resident and built up a substantial UK occupational pension, currently deferred.


When you apply for a PSA, do you write on behalf of your client (ie will HMRC accept a request from us) or do you get your client to send in the application, signed by them? 


HMRC has begun the process of overhauling its operation of the IR35 regime for personal services companies with new guidance that sets out some basic risk factors that will affect a contractor’s ch


Hi Guys,



We have almost reached deadlock with HMRC over a "main residence" claim.


An acquaintance having reached 65, was retired by his large plc employer a few years ago.  Unfortunately, they swiftly discovered that his specialized engineering skills were something they could n


Clients, say to be original, A & B were trading in farming partnership.  They owned jointly among other assets land and a slaughterhouse.


I am not sure if this is a subject raised before (and after typing this up, I will have a proper look) but a very quick/simple question.


I've a company electric car which I charge at home etc. How much can my employer pay me for business mileage


We have a number of new employees who will be relocating in the next two years but in the meantime we are renting a flat that they can use instead of hotels, when they need to be in the office.