There are two companies A & B owned by the same director and shareholder.


Back in May the government launched a four part consultation on Modern Workplaces, ex

There have been several articles in the technical press concerning the US Government's crack down on tax reporting requirements for US Citizens currently resident in the UK.


For 7 years a new client (Mrs A) has been trading through a partnership of which the partners are:-

1. Herself

2. A company of which she is sole director and shareholder


Black cab taxi driver licensed to operate within london metropolitan area, who lives approx. 40 miles outside of M25.


A “landmark” deal between the UK and Switzerland governments to tax money held by British citizens in Swiss bank accounts will increase demand for the


Crikey HMRC are getting quick to jump on small businesses these days. I have a client who is VAT registered and has always been in a repayment situation.

A number of clients some self employed some running businesses at home through a ltd company have sky or talk talk type packages.  I know that the line rental is not allowable, but what about the c