I have a client who has recently received a letter from the Pension Service informing him that the state pension he has been receiving since Dec 07 has been too high.


I have just been handed a tax return for someone who holds 3 1/2% war loans.  I remember from my exam days that this was something the examiners went on about ad nauseum, but something you rarely m


I've recently set up my practice and obviously need an agent code from HMRC for SA, CT, VAT, etc. For SA and CT you need to apply in writing, which I did about a week ago.


A client of mine grows herbs for sale to restaurants. He has been advised by a business associate that he can claim back the duty on the heating oil used to heat the greenhouses. Is this correct?


My client had a corporation tax adjustment after filing last years accounts (an increase of £4k).  How is this presented in this years accounts?  Can it be showed as a debit in the profit and loss


Gordon Ramsay has appointed a former tax inspector who investigated the celebrity chef’s financial affairs six years ago.


I have a client who has a car through his company - on the provecta employee car ownership scheme.