We've received a price increase mailout from Royal Mail today, together with notice of VAT changes.

The notice lists products in tables:


Can anyone point me in the right direction for clarification on a payroll deduction question? 


Hi, I've recently started my own business. I have no employees at present and I am the only director.

I am paying myself a very small salary - £500 a month.


Can I canvas views on what the situaion is on the following scenario?

Employees of Co 1 are in excess of the temporaty site time rules and as such certain costs are taxable.


The official face of HMRC in recent years has attracted media attention for channelling her fees through a personal services company. 


Where shareholder gifts shares to an employee in private company, how is it determined if they are RCAs?


A taxpayer has won an appeal against HMRC over the right to amend a tax return to carry-back employment loss relief.

I have a client about to go abroad to work for at least one full tax year.  He will qualify for non-residency.  He has asked me about journeys by his wife and children.  I though I knew this, but a