I have been approached by a client who was self employed between Sept 2008 and Aug 2009.  HMRC have never been notified, and they do not know anything about it.  Client has just decided that he can

My client owns 1/3 of a residential property, his father owns the other 2/3.  He wishes to gift his1/3 share to his father.  How would this share be valued for CGT? i.e.


Does anyone know how strictly HMRC apply the 30 day time limit for appealing against surcharges?


Afternoon all,

The taxpayer has submitted tax return for 2010-11 showing a repayment of tax.

Do AccountingWeb readers share my concerns about the vulnerability of dividends to taxation as earnings?


When completing clients tax returns do readers always enter student loans shown on the P60 and tick the income contingent box which in turn can increase the tax liability.


I have a company client that needed to raise some finance but was unable to do so in the company name.