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Client company with year end of 31 December 2011. Let's assume there are R&D costs capitalised of £100k.


A simple question I hope

Regarding CT and the sequence of event from calculation to payment

Can someone explain the sequence of CT with regard to Annual Accounts and CT600


Hi, i'm hoping someone on here can help, apologies if this has already been covered but i was unable to find the relevant link.


Are you treated as UK resident if you come to the UK on a 2 year spouse visa?



We have recently become VAT registered. One of our activities is to supply Yoga Holidays in the UK, France and Morocco.


In 2009-10 an employee was a leaver and a P45 was logged manually on HMRC site, so has not appeared in HMRC records for 2010-11 or 2011-2012, correctly.


A client de-registered for VAT.  Some six months later we discovered an overclaim of input VAT whilst preparing the accounts.  As the VAT registration no longer existed I telephoned the VAT helplin





I am a UK resident who usually works as a self-employed sole-trader in the UK and complete my own tax return.


Is a self-assessment required to be completed for someone who has come to the UK from overseas on a spouse visa and has a registered businesses overseas (business is registered and trading overseas


I really am fan of Moneysoft Payroll but I cannot get to grips with the Holiday Records - decided I must use it afresh from this April but now I find it takes the annual hol for 2012-13 as the star