I act for a Ltd company with one director/shareholder.  The company has gross payment status for work it does within CIS.  The director's personal tax return entries for 2009/10 meant that for 2010


I have a new client who lives in a care home. Her financial affairs are looked after by her niece and I have prepared the tax return for 2010/11.


If a Director shareholder decides to give 25% of his 100% shareholding in his unquoted trading company to a key employee in order to retain him, I understand that employment related securities rend


Doing first year accounts for new client - hardresser.  Gut feeling is that direct costs are too high.  Looked for BEN on HMRC site - apparently now defunct and available in the National Archive! 


HMRC has apologised to taxpayers for failing to deliver half yearly statements of account in time to advise them of the sums due for their 31 July payments.


I have been with a client this morning whose effects consisted solely of taxis.


Our client rented a property from his mother at market rent, for his business. The mother died during 2010/11 and left her estate, including the property, to our client and his brother equally.


P11ds prepared and submitted for 2 directors.  small amount of business travel only.  Can I just put this on there SA returns in the benefits and expenses boxes or do I need to submit a S336 claim


What should be done - the 06-11 VAT Return was in error completed on line using Co.1 qtrly figures which were a refund.  Should have been Co.2 details which are approx £60k VAT to pay - how does cl


Ive got a new job and cant work out whether it matters what company car I get to whether Im a 40% tax payer