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If a consultant anaesthetist were to form a Ltd company would he fall under the IR35 legislation?


I have a client on the CIS scheme, his boss is not provide wageslips or if he does they do not match the amount paid.  His boss is also asking him to cash cheques for jobs and deduct his wages and


Does Director X have control of LTD company A?


Director X has 25% of the shares of LTD company A

Director X is the sole director


I know that the P35 deadline is 19 May.  But is the week's grace period still around such that the penalties don't cut in until May 26?


An A & M Settlement was created in 1992 for four beneficiaries, grandchildren of the Settlor.


JD Wetherspoon said that its tax bill has increased by more than £50m in the past financial year as the pub chain criticised “unsustainable” tax rises that are hurting the pub industry and UK e

Client has lived for some years in Australia and is  tax-resident there.

Formerly, he was UK resident and built up a substantial UK occupational pension, currently deferred.


When you apply for a PSA, do you write on behalf of your client (ie will HMRC accept a request from us) or do you get your client to send in the application, signed by them? 


HMRC has begun the process of overhauling its operation of the IR35 regime for personal services companies with new guidance that sets out some basic risk factors that will affect a contractor’s ch


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