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The partners in an LLP have expensive leased vehicles and the partners do use their vehicles personally.

1. Does the expensive lease addback at 15% apply?


Tricky little puzzle.  When I was young I mistakenly claimed for the whole of someone's foreign tax deducted from fees when completing Returns.

Limited company.
Not enough money In company so director bought van for company with his own money with vat added etc. So company will repay director as it can.


I work for a company that pays a draw salary based wholly on commission earned. If no commission no salary.


A new client has called with the dreaded HMRC letter........"My records show you may be working on a self employed basis".


London lawyers have become the latest target in HMRC’s taskforce initiative as the Revenue widens its net to tackle tax dodgers from hair and beauty businesses to the motor trade in Sc


I've just taken on a new Ltd Co client - contractor

The directors loan account has transactions which say

B.P.M.P.  -  any clues what this stands for?  Client doesnt know.


A personal tax client invests monthly into an HMRC approved Share Incentive Plan.    Dividends on the shares are reinvested within the SIP to acquire additional shares.  The dividends are less than