2008/09 Tax Return ticked as provisional and an appropriate note made in the additional information box. 2009/10 Tax Return was enquired into and self-employment profits uplifted.


A wife has all the savings in her name (for tax reasons) she is going to buy a house with this and rent it to her daughter.  the house will just be in wifes name so the rental income will just be o


confused by travelling expenses and CIS - is there anything that says that HMRC do not permit fuel purchased for travel as an expense for the purposes of reducing the sub-contractor’s gross charge


Client has spent £12,000 constructing a "studio" in the garden which she uses to meet her psychotherapy clients.  My gut reaction wants to say that no allowances are available for the construction


Company A loaned £10,000 to Company B, which has now gone into liquidation with no funds available for creditors.

The companies are not connected in any way.


Client's income is commission from hire purchase companies.


Is there any reason why this would not be subject to VAT?


The coalition government is scaling back the advantageous regime for those investing in renewable electricity-generating and heating technologies. 


Two friends have acquired a pub and coverted the flats above. The pub is let to the landlord and the flats to students.


Following the death of a client of ours, the Probate has been granted to the executors.


Hello all,

I work in management accounts, so I could only answer this with a broad overview.

Someone recently asked me for my advice. Here is his situation: