A member of National Association of Funeral Directors  received bank cheques/cash at a funeral service, some of which does not have a Gift Aid Declaration.


An individual who has until now been required annually to complete SA tax returns, discovers that his 2010-11 circumstances are such that he meets the criteria under which he should no longer have


I am wondering if the Husband in this situation below qualifies for the £40K letting relief in the following circumstance.


Hi I need to return a ct600 from 2010.


A newly formed Limited Company client has 2 directors each holding 1 share each. They intend to take equal salaries and dividends.


A husband and wife partnership has traded as a small engineering business for approximately 20 years turning over around £200,000 and making approximately £20,000 taxable profit per annum.  Profits


Which computation is correct?  Where disposal proceeds are greater than the pool value i understand it gives rise to  a balancing charge.  But where there were additions in the year that would norm


A husband and wife partnership has been trading as a small engineering business for approximately 20 years.  Profits are allocated 1/3 to the husband and 2/3 to the wife.  The business turns over a

My husband is the tenant of a fishing lake and pays an annual fee to the landlord. He will be selling tickets to allow other people to fish on the lake and will incur a few expenses along the way.