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I have just received all of my new clients paperwork and after going through it all he has at the least turned over £754 above the VAT registration threshold or at the most £2,184 above the thresho


We have noticed an error in a company tax compuation for a client going back to the year ended 31 December 2007.


We act for a 2 partner business.  Partner B has already left the business leaving Partner A to continue as a sole trader.  The date of partnership dissolution is 31/05/2012.



I have a client who is looking to sell his company to his management team.  The deal will take place as follows:


Pop star Sir Elton John is suing The Times for libel over two articles he claims falsely linked him to an “immoral” tax avoidance scheme.

Two brothers and their wives are in a partnership, four partners, each brother and his wife wants to separate and form their own partnership.


I am doing some voluntary work for the elderly (TOPS if anyone is familiar).


Business sells goods amounting to £120 with 50% of proceeds going to charity. Am I right that the VAT content is still going to be £20?