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A manufacturing limited company claimed corporation tax relief for a "warranty provision" (for faulty goods) in the 2008 accounting period.

A landlord moved out if his old home in May and straight into his new home. He intended to let out the old property as soon as possible but his first tenant did not move in until September.


The National Audit Office (NAO) has highlighted HMRC’s inability to properly monitor tax avoidance, which is costing the country billions of pounds.


Bloomsbury Professional has introduced an online toolkit called Tax Planner Interactive (TPI).

Client has been tenant of tied public house and has now purchased the business as sole proprietor.


I did some volunteering in a school recently, and one of the kids asked the speaker, the FD of Jaguar Land Rover how much tax JLR paid last year. The speaker dissembled? How much was it?


I am currently putting together accounts for the company's shareholders and abbreviated accounts for Companies House and these are required by 30 November 2012.


A loss has risen on a sale of property after applying PRR and ALR.


The government said it will appoint an interim advisory group to help it write a new General Anti-Abuse Rule (