I have a client who has a property rental portfolio and wishes to transfer the properties into a limited company.  His solicitor is saying stamp duty is payable on this transfer.  Is this actually


Hi everyone, what are your thoughts on this:


Client became self-employed in 2006/07. HMRC issued tax return for year in June 2007, filing date Jan 2008.

Client had bad road accident in 2007/08 which effected his memory etc.

Doing some 2011 accounts for a limited company.

Need to put through a prior year adjustment which will change 2010 accounts from a profit to a loss.


The situation is that the client rents what was an empty warehouse. The warehouse is then converted into classrooms and workshops, to enable the teaching of 14 to 16 year old students.



If costs increase by£10,000.00 per year how much extra do takings have to increase at 60%GP including VAT to cover the extra costs? 



If a minority shareholder (<5%) in an unquoted trading company wishes to gift his shares to a connected person, would the value of his holding for CGT purposes be based on the price per share pa

Mr A and Mrs B are married

Mr A is an employee of a company not related to Mrs B, he is not a director.

Mrs B is a sole trader with losses as at 05.04.11 of £15k+