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Mr A has just purchased a new business and will own 70% of the share capital.  The remaining 30% of the shares are held by some external investors.

An LLP has two corporate members owned by different people. There are no other members.

ok so im going to try and expalin this as simple as i can and hopefuly get some useful answers..

im a partner in a construction firm. my partner takes care of all the tax stuff..!!


Hi All,



I have a new client who has been subject to a huge fraud (all proved and been to court)

One key aspect was extra non existent employees on the payroll.


Re: HMRC and a voluntary but late VAT registration.  The subsequent changes to ‘potential’ VAT registration dates and time taken by HMRC is leaving this client feeling like he


I have recently concluded an enquiry for a client with HMRC going back 20 years. Taxpayer failed to declare some SE earnings and was taxed accordingly.


An individual buys a small business and uses their own money to pay for the goodwill and F&F. The buy and sell agreement is between the vendor(Ltd Co) and the purchaser(person).



I have a question regarding VAT.  It is a little complex and will try to make it as simple as possible.  Would appreciate all the help you guys can give me.