I have registered for the online paye for all my payroll clients but the only information that seems to be available is Employer notices, Student Loan notices and Tax Code notices.


Britain’s top tax official has defended HMRC’s strategy for tackling tax evasion and the recent tax deal with Switzerland. Nick Huber reports.

Student starting dentistry...can we pay a bursary on condition they work for us for x yrs on qualifying??


Same as the armed forces and NHS do.


Appreciate some thoughts on this.

Prospective client, currently with another accountant.

Runs a nightclub.


An employee uses their own car.  As part of calculating their salary is an element for "oh, and we acknowlegde you will be using your own car so....".  This is subjected to tax and NIC simply as pa


Can I run this past some of the more experienced practitioners?  I've only just started and want to make sure Im doing the right thing by my client :-)




Client who carries out hard manual work wants to claim for private physio bills in respect of back treatment.He maintains that it is not convenient for him to have Nat Health treatment and that it



Apologies if this is a little basic, my memory is somewhat hazy.