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A very large employer under-deducts PAYE due to cumulative pay crossing the personal allowance threshold (£112,950) towards the end of the tax year in March 2011.


Migrant workers will pay more tax under proposed changes to the taxation of non-domiciled workers, reports Nick Huber.


Is a British person who is married, is in the UK Armed Forces and been serving abroad for over 3 years,  allowed to transfer his CGT allowance and/or IHT allowance over to his wife while he is stil


A very well known mortgage provider has just turned down a loan which appeared to be well within their lending parameters. 

"The taxable profit was much less than the accounts showed"


The Scottish government announced its intention to set up a separate Revenue Scotland agency after HMRC and others highlighted practical hurdles to the devolution of tax-raising powers.


Hopefully a fairly simple query


If a small company has one shareholder and a dividend is paid, is there any difference in the amount of corporate or personal tax payable if the shareholder is also a director of the company, or is


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I have a client who was made bankrupt in 1994 and a charge was put on his pension by the Official Receiver.  When he turned 60 he bought an annuity and the income from this goes direct to the Offic