My client has made a very small profit for the year..£5900 ish.  He bought an IPAD which i have added back in the accounts and capitalised.


I have a client who traded as a plumber he was a sole trader and made losses in the first year.


One of my new client has made a dividend distributions despite a big loss the previous year and it is clear a smaller loss was predicated in the following year.



Can I have some advise on P11d, if an employee is reimbursed on a monthly basis for business expenses that incurred during the month;  does this need to be reported on a P11d?


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Wondering if you can help set the record straight on a EU acquisition VAT query I have.



We have recently been approached by a new accountant to take over the affairs of one of our clients


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I would be grateful if you could help me on this.


Client is usually a bit forgetful and over the years underpays/overpays PAYE until at the end of the year he's overpaid.


HMRC is asking for more businesses and software developers to join the PAYE Real