A question to settle a difference of opinion please.

If a company adopts the cash accounting scheme for VAT, can it also use the cash accounting dates for statutory accounts ?


I was hoping someone can help me.

I have a Ltd Co with an employee who is the son of the director (director not a shareholder) and the employee is a shareholder.


Can anybody please explain the advantages of llp over ltd? Still can't get my head around it.


I have recently incorporated to work on a contract for a bank. Most contractors pay themselves a minimum salary to avoid PAYE and NI. Most have been doing this for years.


A new client of mine had his self assessment affairs investigated. Subsequently he has been asked to provide documentary evidence.


When we do a film shoot we hire freelance crews to work with us. During the course of the shoot we are expected to feed and water them which typically includes breakfast and lunch.


Is anything I have said below technically wrong?

Also, what is the "norm" for restaurants?  I have no experience of restaurant clients.


The client's VAT period ends on October 31st and there will be a large repayment due to the client. He wants to submit the VAT return now in the belief this will get the repayment to him early.  I 


HMRC have just opened an investigation into clients **2008/09** return on the grounds that he had undeclared overseas bank interest (from Cyprus).


A client who is not VAT registered being in the finance sector is looking to buy a property which has VAT thereon to rent out. The property is £2M excl VAT.