A car qualifying for 100% FYA is bought by a Sole Trader for primarily business use with personal element, and is then replaced by a new car 3 years later, with the original car now used just for p


I have just been told that the 'home to work' benefit does not apply to vans.  Will anyone please put me out of my misery and confirm or deny the claim.


An architect client of mine has asked me the following query and I was hoping to get some thoughts that may help him.  Details as follows:


We have a client who engages a sales consultant through an intermediary company.  Without the intermediary he would clearly be an employee of the client but the client is happy to let the consultan


Would really like your help with this if possible. I own 50% of Company A and also 50% of Company B.


We are hearing some really shocking stories from clients about the Revenues current tactics locally.  


An individual has set up a three way partnership in respect of rental income which has commenced only a week ago.


When talking to HMRC CIS helpline yesterday it transpired that I had been filling in the column with "amount paid" with the amount that the subcontractor had actually been paid (invoices were labou

I understand that Inheritance can be passed tax free between husband and wife, however does this situation change where the husband is a UK citizen, but the wife is an American citizen living in th


I took on a new CIS client for 2011 tax return – his first year back self employed having been employed then job seeking.  I duly prepared the return and submitted after sign off.  I was fully expe