As I said, one of those days.

Just been reading "release of loans to participators in close companies" draft legislation and explanatory note dated 24 March 2010. So reasonable current.


The news coverage is surging and getting more frenzied the closer we get to the 1 April efiling deadline when it will become mandatory to submit electronic accounts in iXBRL format alongside CT600


My UK-resident client wants to transfer his interest in a UK property to his non-resident wife.


A client receives income from a Jersey trust which has suffered jersey tax at 20%. As this is from Jersey I assume you cannot claim the tax credit on the UK tax return.


 Client purchased company out of administration. He was not involved with it at all. Turnover was £3 Million.


I presume in the light of forestalling legislation brought in last October that it is still in order for contributions to be topped up to £235k prior to 5/4/2011 where salary is small(say £15k).

I have taken over a client who claimed AIA in 2009, but ceased trade and incorporated to Ltd company. HMRC have enquired and say's that AIA cannot be claimed in the year of transfer and therefore w


I have been working with a company and installing a new accounting system when I came across recharges between two companies, which both have the same majority shareholder.


A partnership client of ours took in a consultant as partner during 2009/10.  The new partner left a few months later and has since disappeared.  We have no UTR for the ex-partner and all efforts