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After several weeks of debate and backroom lobbying, HMRC is due to release a “business entities test” to help personal services companies assess their risk of being caught by IR35 rules.


I have been having an interesting debate with a collegue.


Client (limited company) has bought a classic car as an "investment".

What is the correct treatment? Should I show it as an "investment" or just another motor vehicle?


My client has made a voluntary disclosure of untaxed income. It’s clear in the circumstances that at worst this is “failure to take reasonable care”.


An individual owns an Investment bond which is made up of various sectors. However if they gift some of the sectors of the bond to their partner is tax levied on the transfer? eg CGT



A partnership was incorporated several years ago with trading activities transferred to the Ltd and the properties remaining in the LLP.

Client owns a farm with farmhouse and four cottages. It was purchased as a complete lot. Cottages are let to long term tenants. Do the cottages qualify for BPR for inheritance tax purposes.



I'm about to make an investment in a small business & wanted to check if it's better to do so as an individual or through one of my companies; here is my thoughts;



My client, a higher rate taxpayer, has several buy to let properties.


In dealing with the annual tax repayment claim for a small charity, I have found an unsurmountable difficulty in downloading and printing HMRC Form R68i.