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A property developer, who closed a Swiss bank account in an attempt to avoid detection, has pleaded guilty and been ordered to pay fines and


One of my friend has business in USA they are hoping to sell their merchandise during olympics in the UK and are  expecting to have turnover above VAT threshold


Hopefully, this is a ridiculous question, and I am being stupid...  I am sure that this falls within the Construction Industry Scheme...



My client has recharged his customer for his train travel.

Should he charge VAT on this?

Thank you


Possibly this is an unintended consequence but has anyone picked up on a very nasty unexpected consequence of the daily penalty regime.


French Duncan, a Scottish accountancy firm, said it has had a “surge” in enquiries from companies about using new tax relief for patents to reduce the corporation tax rate to 10%.


I have a client who already runs one business and who started a second business, being a cafe, he started trading on the 10th April but most start up cost including all new equipment was in the pre


I have a small limited company client who engaged in a particular transaction in the financial year just passed.


A client of mine has had solar panels fiited to his business premises. He sells excess electricity to electricity providors. is this tax free income.