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We have a farming client who has now entered into a rental agreement with a solar power generator(SPG).


My client has a company car that will not be used for private purposes.  Mileage log retained, keys locked away, memos issued to staff to prevent private use etc. etc.


Up to 1,000 taxpayers were charged more than once when paying their income tax due to a technical glitch with Santander’s payment system.


Dave Hartnett, the former head of HMRC is to work for HSBC, helping the bank combat financial crime.


My client supplies finance for a fee for which he currently raises an invoice at the time the finance is provided.


I have a potential CIC starting up and think I remember from some training last year that HMRC are going to change the rules regarding CT....


Life after self assessment for most accountants appears to be dominated with catch-ups and recovery after the rigours of tax season.


I am sure we are all aware that mileage paid for a normal commute would not be a tax free payment, but consider the following situations which I am sure most people have come across.  Is the consen


A protocol to the tax agreement between the UK and Belgium to avoid taxpayers being taxed twice came into force last month.