Assume the only period transaction is the purchase  invoice from an EU VAT reg business of printed materials [normally std rated in uk]  £ 95


A mother transfers a house as a wedding gift to her daughter 12 years ago. The daughter has lived there since. The mother's accountant now says she is liable for CGT under the gift provisions.


Simple question really

We have a niche market in CIS based subcontractors, occassionally we get referals to peopl who are seriously behind in filing returns.


AccountingWEB has entered a partnership with iXBRL experts at CoreFiling to create an automated iXBRL reviewing system that checks electronic accounts for tagging and technical errors that might le


Two individuals are forming an LLP to purchase land and, in due course, run a 'conservation camping' business on the land. The LLP will own the land.


If you are an existing PTP user and about to renew your licence for the first time under the new 12 month rolling contract terms you may wish to delay renewing for a few months until the 2011/12 up


What are the capital gains tax and income tax implications for Mr A and Mr B of the following share reorganisation.


The Department of Health has apologised for misleading the opposition about paying senior figures via limited companies to help them avoid income tax.


I have a client who have two companies. Company A where his brother and wife are directors.

My client has 70% shares in the company and 30% is owned by his wife.

New limited company business run by parents has some shares issued to their parents before trading commences.