can a person be employed by a company and paid under PAYE and also have self employed income from the same source. Is this covered by IR35.


I had a letter from HMRC which required a quick and easy answer so I though I would phone and deal with it then and there.


The number of criminal convictions for tax evasion jumped by 38% over the past year as HMRC has taken a more focused approach, according to law firm McGrigors. Nick Huber reports.


Hi all,

Could anyone help with the following scenario please?



Situation is as follows:-

Four partners in a farming partnership, Mr A and Mrs A (husband and wife), and two sons , Mr b and Mr C.


I have a client who is aboutto incorporate a partnership. All assets are being transferred plus goodwill valued on incorporation of approx £100,000.


Not one for my clients but a question my wife asked me (which I didn't know the answer and she hates to be disappointed!).


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a client of mine has been talking to a client of his, as they do (a la I was talking to a man in the pub....!) and came to me with the following:



I think I know the answer to this (and I think it's been raised here before, but can't find anything) - but want to check: