Fred invested approx £30k into an limited company carrying out accountancy services for its clients. The company has since gone into liquidation so the investment has been lost.


A friend has recently informed me that after 20+ years of service the MOD are making her redundant, Additionally she has been informed that there will be no allowance for the redundancy payment rel


I have just had a time to pay proposal refused by HMR&C as the company had declared a dividend and  the director had therefore avoided paying the "proper" NI and PAYE.


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Im unsure as to how the vat fuel scale charge works - can someone please clarify something for me ?


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I'm struggling - please help?!?


A client has been renting out a flat to connected persons at below market value.


I have been under the impression that online authorisation to be an agent replaces the requirement for a 64/8.  The HMRC website states "You can use HMRC Online Services to set up client authorisat


If a non don currently obtains an offshore mortgage and remits the loan, the interest and capital payments need to be serviced from UK income.

A new client has invested company funds into an ISA, thinking that would be a good place to get a return on spare cash.  He is reluctant for it to be treated as salary, so the only thing I can thin

 I prepare the accounts and update the records for an amateur cricket club.