A client has incorporated a company in England using an online registration agent and chose their registered office for the company. The client is only trading in Scotland, is this ok?


A company has suggested that they pay for their employees membership to a charity lottery.

We're currently a few dates into a 'UK tour' providing free to attend seminars aimed at accountants.


There is a small ltd co who is looking to issue share to an employee instead of paying them a bonus (say 500 shares informally valued at £10 each totalling £5,000)

Always good for chuckle, we sent in a 64-8 for a client, 64-8 has been rejected as it didn't include the NI No.


Husband who is a 50% tax payer owns an investment bond which he switches to his non taxpaying wife who then surrenders the bond at a gain.


HMRC this week confirmed that 1.5m individual taxpayers were hit with Self Assessment late filing and payment penalties following the 31 January deadline this year.


A client has recently been issued with a form P800 from HMRC re a 2008/09 tax liability. The following wording contained in the supporting notes has got my client excited:


We have a client who has to make a payment to a non resident sportsperson in respect of an event that was held outside the UK. Do they have to withhold any tax?