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Could someone clarify for me how to deal with international sales (US for example) under the global accounting scheme (second hand goods etc)?


I need someone to put me back on the straight and narrow please!

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I assume that the time limit applied to such requests are limited by reference to the assessment time limits and discovery provisions? 


No negligent action by client - 4 years

We have a situation where a member of staff was provided with a house with the rent deducted from his salary.


A pub trading via a Limited Company has its accounts drawn up and there is a cash account difference arising. Sales exceeding amounts banked and invoiced cash expenditure/ wages paid.


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My total "taxable pay" for the 2011/2012 tax year is £28,212.36. (I've already had my paycheck dated 31/03/2012 so this is figure is certain).


 An unlisted company is currently renting out commercial property to a third party (no other activities) and therefore as I understand it the shares will not qualify for Business Property Relief fo


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I would like to extend my personal allowance for the tax year 12/13 for allowable expenses permitted by HMRC.


I think I've posted about this topic previously, but now it's really winding me up!


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We have a situation where a director/shareholder is in in business with 3 other directors/shareholders each holding 33% of Company A.