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For a limited company with 2 barristers taking minimal salaries and with little other overheads should recognition of profit be included in the accounts?


Could somebody please clarify if you have a paye salary of say14,000 and dividends of 50,000 and you made a gross pension contribution of 5,000 that your basic rate band would be extended by the am


Hard-hitting, fast-paced dubstep might not be the first choice of music genre for accountants, but for one firm, it’s essential tax season listening.

It has never been more important to keep good VAT records, with HMRC vowing to scrutinise the tax affairs of those who have payments outstanding after 28 February.


Have a limited company client with corporate investments in gilts.  Whilst I am aware of the CT treatment of interest, if the company makes a gain on such a gilt, is it exempt from any tax payable


We have a farming client who has now entered into a rental agreement with a solar power generator(SPG).


My client has a company car that will not be used for private purposes.  Mileage log retained, keys locked away, memos issued to staff to prevent private use etc. etc.


Up to 1,000 taxpayers were charged more than once when paying their income tax due to a technical glitch with Santander’s payment system.


Dave Hartnett, the former head of HMRC is to work for HSBC, helping the bank combat financial crime.