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My client is a VAT registered property development company. They use one main contractor for their developments, a limited company which is also VAT registered.



Is it just me, beginning to think it is and I am one of those idiots that is never happy, but I have been chasing a PAYE refund for 2011/12 since March 2012.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has given its members new advice about “aggressive” tax avoidance schemes, including a reminder about an ethical code for tax


I'm preparing a first set of accounts for a client who has recently started renting out a flat.


If a company purchases a property (to rent out) with sitting tennants and in purchasing the property it is disclosed that the property has a rent review close to completion with a substantial amoun

I have a client they already run a Ltd company (Co. A), now would like me to set up another Ltd company to deal with a new income stream.(Co. B).


Hi, please can I have some recommondations of (cheap) corporation tax software, as I only have three Ltd clients. 


What are the implications of preparing accounts from bank statements and credit card statements without supporting receipts for a small Ltd Company (no audit).


HMRC are challenging the PPR Relief Claim on sale of property.

Client moved into property for 6 months then decided to rent it out.



Clients mother gifted property to him back in 1994 but continued to live in the property rent free.

She died in 2011/2012 and the property was included in her estate.