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A partnership incorporated about a year ago and sold goodwill to the new company creating sizeable directors loan accounts.


I know this one has been done to death in general, but I have been thinking about a couple of situations for use of home expenses that will apply to some of my clients (and indeed myself).

On the P11D checklist it says " Note blackberrys/pdas/iphones are reagrded as computers and may not qualify under phone exemption".


I own a let property jointly with my husband, as joint tenants.


A colleague has asked me a question and I am not sure of the answer.


The taxman has expanded a trial scheme to resolve disputes with small and medium-sized enterprises more quickly and cheaply.


Client of mine has bought a car in Finance Lease (NOT HP). The car is purchased in the Partnership name and he pays £363/month.

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I wonder if you might be able to help.

I am an Accountant, but this is not something that comes up often.




Hi all

My UK based VAT registered client company develops and sells bespoke business software to a Republic of Ireland based reseller (also VAT registered).