My client is 57 yrs old with over 40 years NI contributions from continuous employment.

He is now a director of a one man company.


Sorry having a mental blockage today

Going to enter on a sole traders tax return the CIS tax suffered in the year ended 5 April 2011


Is the figure to be entered



Is Tax investigation insurance really such a no brainer?

And if so, how much should you be looking to pay/sell it for?

Any other tips for a new practice would be appreciated…


We have a fine for late filing of P35's,  however the fine exceeds the tax owed, am I correct in thinking that the penalty should be limited to the amount of tax owed?

Thanks in advance


Company with intercompany loan of c.£500k and bank loan of £1m and was sold to new owners. The new owners agreed to take on the bank loan with the £500k inter company to be written off.


Employer has odd little bits and pieces that it could sell on ebay....but by the time it pays staff to list, pack and send it, it will end up losing.


Sole trader has 20% business use on car [mini]....and claims accordingly. 

Wants to buy a 2nd car [Audi] 'for business use only' and claim 100% on it.