My daughter is 18 in May  year and a British citizen resident outside Europe.

She has no income and an unused personal allowance.


We have equity investments in publicly listed equities which have shown a gain.  If these gains remain unrealised for the reporting period do they have to be recognised for taxation purposes?


Just received a letter from the inspector during a tax enquiry and he's asking for copies of all emails between the client and his advisers (including ourselves) about a particular tax-efficie


Not so much a question more a discussion.


It's been a while since my last request to HMRC,the last occasion I recall there were 10 questions to reply back to the Inspector.


Client has asked me to bring her returns up to date.

Last returns she filed were 2006 and 2010.

We managed to get the 2011 return filed by the due date.


Holding Co has trading losses of £70K in AP.

Trading sub has profits, in same AP, of £30K, but also has losses b/f of £10K.


Client purchased an apartment in Portugal. We want to claim capital allowances on the integral features. We know how much the apartment cost and we have a list of all the equipment.


If a taxpayer was awarded a sum in damages for breach of contract, where the breach of contract was in respect of a failure to allot shares in a company, what is the tax treatment?