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Does a void period of 8 months for a substantional renovation of a rental property in between lets have any impact on the calculation of Private Letting Relief ?  While "camped" out in the property


A client has had significant repairs done in the kitchen of their B&B.


New client (now a limited company) was a freelance cameraman during 2011/12 tax year, some as an employee of a production company and some as self employed.  As he worked on and off for the product


A director/shareholder wishes to transfer ordinary shares to another existing director/shareholder at full market value.


Director loaned money to his personal company £100k.  During the AP to 31 Dec 2010 the company was charged interest of £5k.  The company took a deduction for the £5k on its accounts to 31/12/10.  T


The government’s attempt to deflect criticism of senior civil servants using personal services companies to avoid tax symbolises why the UK tax system is so chronically complex.


My client holds a number of commerical properties both personally and through their company.

There are so many negatives on here about HMRC I thought I would buck the trend and say something positive.  I just phoned the employer helpline, and whilst I did not like the 20 minute wait, the l


I am gathering data for my firm's PAYE Settlement Agreement Declaration, which primarily relates to Entertaining.