Please be aware that if you have no payments to make in a tax month (or quarter, if you pay every three months), you will be required to inform us by way of a nil declaration, to avoid penalties


I have a client who has had to close down his previous business due to cashflow issues from the loss of a major customer last year and also a change to payment terms from another customer.


With the advent of iXBRL, we've been exploring the possibility of running risk assessments and detailed compliance checks on accounts before they get submitted to HMRC alongside the CT600 form.


I am having difficulty finding an authority or HMRC manuals guidance that discusses whether CT losses c/fwd in period 1 may be carried forward to a future period 2 where there is an intervening dor


Elderly clients have bought a flat and will move in shortly, still need to sell existing property (house) which have lived in for over 40 years.  Given the state of the housing market and the fact


I act for a successful firm of financial advisors which is moving from partnership to limited company status.


My client has employment income of c £35,000 with a code of 747L and pension income of c £30k with a D0 code.  Nothing else to speak of.


Where a property has been someone's PPR and it is let out, the relief you used to be able to get was upto £40k off the gain when it was subsequently sold. 


My client (UK Limited Company) sells to a company based in USA.


Is the relief still available of upto £40,000 against the gain on a property, now let out, which used to be your principal private residence? I seem to think that this relief applied if you moved o