HMRC has set its sights on restaurant owners in London who are deliberately evading paying tax as part of a new “industry specific” team approach.


My client has just issued an invoice with a large amount of disbursments and expenses.


We have an LLP for whom we operate the payroll and I wonder if anyone can clarify the situation on Directors NIC treatment?


Our VAT registered company intends to start buying VAT exempt supplies from a charitable organisation and resell the same to the members of the public.


If you want someone to receive net pay of £100 per week what would be their gross weekly earnings.

Could anyone work this out for me?


A number of clients have not yet received a SATR or notice to complete although HMRC website shows one has been issued on 6/4/11.  Has anyone else had this problem?


If you try to file a nil 2010/11 P11db online using third party software it is likely to fail HMRC validity checks and submission will be rejected.


My client had a successful small business. He took out a bank loan and had to pay PPI premiums as a condition of getting the loan.