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Does anyone know whether this has gone to appeal, and if so when the hearing is likely to be?




I have analysed the tax returns that our firm filed throughout the 2011/12 self-assessment season according to the month filed and the result is no great surprise. 


Registration for VAT was made on the basis that consultancy work for an EU client was the principal income.


If a UK VAT registered company buys products in The Netherlands, then sells them in The Netherlands to a Belgian company, what is the VAT situation?


I have been asked by a Cayman Islands based financial services company to prepare a monthly payroll for just one employee who will be based in London for a year or so.


(Unpaid) I prepare accounts for a Scottish Local Community Association (LCA), turnover variable but <£5,000 this year.


If a home is used as principle private residence and subsequently rented out. If a mortgage is secured against the rental property and used to buy a home for the client to live in.


My client runs a one man consultancy through his limited company.  He has spent £2.6k on a permanent residency visa with the Home Office and has been told that it is generally acceptable for the "e


Current VAT registered sole trader moving to Ltd company and transferring biz as a going concern.


I have a company where the 11,000 ord full voting shares are currently held as follows:


60% joint holding husband and wife (6,600 shares)