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HMRC's view is that so called "Fleming" VAT refunds are taxable.


I am just having a bald moment here, but does anybody have any advice on how to treat the Output Vat on a shop that sells Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers???


I have a Ltd company client whose only supply is to the US, so all his output VAT is 'out of scope' but can he calim back input VAT even if he never recieves any out put VAT - he would only ever be


On incorporation of a sole trader business, gift relief (s.165 TCGA 1992) is used for the transfer of the goodwill/freehold building.


Hi Guys,


Is it essential to show the cash in transit as part of the bank balance on the balance sheet?


bank balance : 10000


A recent Court of Appeal decision involving a law firm and a former partner clarifies the employment status of fixed share equity partners following a

In the glorious aftermath of the end of tax return season I have turned my attention to a calculation that has been burning away in the back of my mind for some time. 


We are selling a truck/lorry do we have to account for the VAT on it? My reading on it is that if we bought it 2nd hand then we dont otherwise we do. Is this correct?


JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has lost its latest appeal to claim capital allowances for pub refurbishments in a slightly surreal tax tribunal which included detailed discussions about toilet cubicle pa



I have just been reading up a little about RTI and am aware that a pilot will begin this April but that all employers will need to comply by Autumn 2013.