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I have a client who lives in N Ireland (UK) 4 nights a week and rents a bedsit in Dublin 3 nights a week. So she is UK resident.


Employee's private bills found recently to have been paid by employer, going back to 2010/11. Just treated as expenses. This point is not in doubt.

I have a feeling this is one of those silly questsions to which I should know the answer, but I don't!


The client wants to refinance his home loan and obtain additional monies ( at a very low interest rate) as a cheap source of finance .The additional funds ( say £250,000) will be paid into his newl


If an employee / director has paid the full price for a vehicle but has registered it in the company name instead of their name would HMRC still class this as a company car and therefore assess on


Where would Amusement machine license duty be shown in a set of limited company accounts. Would it be shown separately or netted off against income?

Any help would be appreciated


I am preparing accounts for a Community Interest Company which operates a small cinema.


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Hello, just a follow up please. A director can claim travel expenses (not ordinary commuting) using mileage rates under FPCS.