I own 90% of the share capital of a UK trading company, which holds 100% of a US-resident trading company.


 Have a client who is a higher rate tax payer, main income taxed at source but also dividend and interest income.


We have as a client an actor who has played a lead role in a TV drama series for a number of years.


Does anyone have any guides/advice for valueing goodwill for sale to company on incorporation.

Also any suggestions on best way to charge client for such advice.


A client is gifting 50% of his shareholding in his service company to his girlfriend & we are completing the claim for hold-over relief form (from HMRC's HS295) on his behalf.  The form will ap

Mr X has 100% shareholding in XYZ Ltd.


When a company votes a dividend is it a legal requirement to actually specify in the minutes a dividend of £x per share was voted?


A (newish) client mentioned in passing that they are paying their employees a flat rate mileage allowance of £5 per shift, something they have been paying to in excess of 40 employees for several y


Can anyone point me in the right direction for the latest information on the settlement rules and income shifting please