A company owns 7 different commerical properties that are rented out to different tenants.

Client commenced letting a furnished holiday apartment in the EEA in April 2008, incurring losses each year up to and including 2010/11. It has not previously been declared to HMRC.


I am self-employed and I  bought a car two month ago.My question is

How do I claim a WDA ?Have I got money back for my car ?




Client's business is a massage therapist.


Could anyone advise please.

Is intellectual Property a tangible or an intangible asset and can AIA be claimed?

Any input would be appreciated.



Having spent the last day or so entering about 100 employees onto HMRC Basic Tools, for the purposes of P11d completion, I cannot find how to send this information online.



sale of pik loan - where the interest is capitalised- what is the treatment-

Is it capital gains or interest received on disposal

My client organises events and on occasion has hired dancers and a band through an agency.  I have read the HMRC guide to NIC for entertainers and just about everything else I can lay my hands on. 


[Assume we're discussing 2010/11]

A client owned a house and 4 acres of land.  The house and 2 acres of land were sold in 2004 and the remaining 2 acres of land were kept until now.  In January 2011 the remaining 2 acres of land we