My client has his office in the West End of London. One of his secretaries has a long tube journey every day.


I know that a sole trader should not claim for wife's wages unless they are justified, within PAYE limits AND also actually physically paid during the year.


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled in favour of leading gaming business Rank Group which was looking to reclaim £30m overpaid in VAT.

My client has been paid twice by his customer - in 2008, by several £000.  He told his customer of the error several times and we have carried this forward in the balance sheet as a creditor for th


The National Audit Office (NAO) has described HMRC’s push to increase online filing of tax returns as a real achievement, but says it still needs a better understanding of the benefits and cost


The UK’s tax system risks being overtaken as other economies ease tax burdens for businesses, according to the PwC, World Bank and IFC. 

A new advice service from HMRC to help small companies claim tax relief for spending on research is a good idea, but mistrust of the taxman and grey areas in the definition of R&D may limit