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What HMRC manual deals with NMW?  (I   (I have searched to no avail) I currently have a client who has received a large assessment and penalty due to a mix up re trainees.


I wonder if anyone could help me please?  I have a new sole trader client who runs a pub.  He has just done a skydive to celebrate his 30th birthday, along with his brother, in aid of the Air Ambul


I have recently set up my own accountancy practice and was considering launching some sort of scheme which incentivises people for referring business my way.


I took on a new client earlier this year who has a partnership.

He is the only partner with any profit share.(Don't ask, its the way he set it up)


Anyone come across this product or provider ?  I've been asked to comment on an EFRBS based arrangement they are selling that apparently defeats the Disguised Remuneration rules.  


I have a small Ltd Co client with a capitalised trademark.

This is the accounting policy note per the previous agent.


Does the annual allowance charge relating to excess contributions to a UK registered pension scheme apply to someone who has been working overseas on a local contract (and is therefore non-UK resid


We are preparing for the RTI system.


When it goes live, will we have to supplyinto the system details of hours for salaried workers for each month? or contracted hours?


I've got a meeting with someone who wants to buy a pub.She intends to buy it in her own name and then rent it to a company that will be set up to run the pub. She will own the company.