Farming has traditionally been a trade that has shied away from trading through a limited company.


My client has signed a deal with a TV company to be a feature in a show; obviously can't say too much about that, except to say that the client is a normal trading business, so TV involvement is no


An employer makes available to an employee a CO2-emitting van, which is used during the year on the following journeys:

Commuting from home to a permanent place of business: 1000 miles



I have a client who registered for VAT (15 months late) in September 2009 and has yet to submit a single VAT return / payment along with being behind with his SA tax.


Given the apparent need for ESCs to become legislation does anyone know if there are plans to put ESCD49 into law (this allows you a year towards PPR when you buy a property that needs renovating a

Capital losses on disposal of shares in unquoted trading company can be used to reduce other income in the current and previous years for tax purposes.  However, can the same be used to reduce inco

Quick question regarding Reverse Charging.  


 We successfully submitted our P35 and P14's online via our outsourced payroll provider prior to the May deadline and got a call last week from HMRC to say that the submission had been rejected as

Rebecca Benneyworth picks up on some comments made last week on detailed P11D reporting and adds a few complexities of her own.