Doctor employed in the armed forces.

I have been formulating an expenses claim in respect of professional subscriptions (GMC, MDU, BMA etc) which client has not previously claimed.


Bought the 2nd property in 2001 for 80,000

last year in January, remortgaged the property and took £50,000 from it.

Do we need to calculate the CGT for this £50,000?



A client who is a resident in both the UK & Switzerland


Can someone remind me of the section of ITEPA regarding allowances for an employee working from home and using part of his home as an office.


we have a self employed taxpayer where we have filed the 2010/11 return which includes a 9% student loan repayment 'liability'.  During the year ended 5 April 2011 the taypayer paid most of that li


Client ceased in business with final accounts being drawn up from 6 April 2010 to 30 November 2010.


I work with music on all the time, but as we near the end of Jan, I tend to lean on old faithfuls to get me through.


When we acquire a new client, part of our routine is to get the client to sign an authorisation letter for the handover of records from the previous accountant.


Hi Guys

A year ago a new Client walks in with a HMRC Statement for over £150k owing. Some simple enquiries led to the discovery that he had not submitted a tax return since SA began!