Two recent tribunal decisions backing taxpayer complaints against unfair penalties highlight double standards in the tax system and the need for an independent complaints procedure for tax disp


The cost of paying for new hospitals under the private finance initiative (PFI) is bringing 22 NHS Trusts to the "brink of financial collapse", according to health secretary Andrew Lansley.

Hope you can help with this….will there be any chance that an academy school will be liable to corporation tax on any trading-type activities?


We acted for a sole trader business for a couple of years, his first year turnover was £170k, and second year £130k.


A new client bought one of 2 retail premises from a company in liquidation (don't yet have purchase docs to hand to see if vat was charged).



I receive e-mail reminders from HMRC for my clients to file VAT returns before the end of the quarter to which they relate, before it is even possible to prepare the return.



Client re-mortgages their rental propery,

Can the interest be offset in full against the property's rent regardless of what the advance is used for?


........ been quoted the infamous 'security checks' by HMRC for an ongoing delay to SA repayment, which seemingly will take 7 weeks to process from date of submitting tax return.


I have a new client that incurs quite a large amount of business entertainment and is good at not claiming the VAT on it. She works in PR so has to spend a lot of time at events.


I work for an events company who has permanent staff on the payroll and and also books freelancers to work on specific events.