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Anyone else fed up to the back teeth with the pathetic method HMRC adopts in paying CIS tax suffered to limited companies?  Daft question, I'm sure there are.


HMRC has published for the first time the photos and biographies of people they consider to be the top 20 tax fugitives in the UK, responsible for £765m of tax evasion and fra


Civil servants have an incentive to increase central and local government taxes to save their own skins i.e.rendundancies/pay rises.


There is an existing business; in previous years the business has made a profit, paid company tax and declared dividends.  Last financial year due to recession the company made a loss.


Client ordered a Kindle from Amazon and asked for a valid VAT invoice as the Kindle will be used for business purposes.

 Amazon replied:


The former president of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) Andrew Meeson, alongside three business associates, has denied making false tax relief claims on behalf of pension


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Does any one know of the legal implications if HMRC issue a 2007/08 tax return on the 01/03/2012.


My very new clients bought the shares of a limited company in 2007 for £150,000 (which gave them a trading company with about £40,000 sitting on the balance sheet).