My client is a beneficiary of a Discretionary Trust arising from his late father's will.  The trust held an insurance based investment bond.  In 2013/14 the bond was sold creating a chargeable even



I run a computer shop that also offers computer repairs in  retail unit inside a shopping centre.


The company I work for has a deferred tax asset from last year. The MD wants to tax plan, but if I'm honest I don't fully understand the issue of deferred tax.


I am aware that provided certain conditions are met, where the issuing company accounts for preference shares as a liability, the company holding the shares may have to tax income from said shares


as director of limited company with one director, I registered late for PAYE scheme. 

if I classify any renumeration paid prior as salary, are there any penalties other than interest?


We all know that amortisation of goodwill purchased by a company from a sole trader is only allowable if the trade of the sole trader commenced on or after 1 April 2002.



In what can only be politely termed as an “unusual rush of activity”, on 10 December HMRC published the outcomes of 15 of the 45 consultations undertaken during th

can anyone recommend Turkish speaking accountants in London?


I have client that should have been registered for vat from 2003. Can HMRC require the vat to be paid from that date? Are there any ways to reduce the liability?

Many thanks