Would be grateful for any help re the following:

i turned 60 on saturday and as a result my brain has magically turned to mush again for the 2nd time this year , i think the first time was a trail run!


For those not aware, the legislation enacted in S44 ITEPA effectively prevents self employed workers, supplied by an employment agency to an end user but paid via an Intermediary, from remaining se


We have a client who travels to and stays in America whilst carrying out Training and Consultancy work.

Thank you for all your help but Tosie has made the point that I shouldn't have posted, even though I did not reveal specifics about any client I am now concerned about comeback on myself.


Small Ltd co - T £20k made a loss of £1260 in y/e 31/07/2013.


If a commercial rental property was purchased in 1984 and sold in 2014 does taper relief have any relevance to the calculation of Capital Gains Tax?


Ltd comany based in Belize is nontrading has 2 100% subs, a UK co and a US LLC, the LLC subsequently owns 100% of 6 UK co's.


Hello everyone.


Is it possible to submit accounts with only 1 director's approval? (Ltd co with 2 directors, equal shareholding).


I have a client that runs a commercial care home, where most of the residents are funded by social services. Would they qualify for the £2000 allowance?