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I am coming to close of an enquiry into a clients personal tax matters and we have supplied all information as requested.


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has asked for comments on its plan to stop companies shifting profits between countries to avoid tax.

I have a query on whether a new 2 year time limit for a PPR election starts on separation.

3 properties

I act for a sole director and shareholder who is also the managing director of their own limited company and they are being investigated because the company incurred an admission fee on behalf of t


New client, operating through a limited company, has take out a finance agreement for a van to be used in the business. Problem is, the agreement is in his name,not the company's.


An investment property held by Company A valued at £700,000 was sold to Company B at its historical cost of £100,000.



We had a director (One of three) and also an equal shareholder who was paid just over £10k in 2009/10


I had a letter from HMRC today, saying a bank transfer was being made for £2450.80 for the 2015 SA tax return (to a bank a/c not listed to my client)


A US National but UK resident person has been granted Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) by his American employer. These vest on a quarterly basis after the first anniversary of the grant date.


Our client runs a TV channel. He sells 6 hours air time to a non EEC client based in Dubai. It is a BSkyB frequency for British viewers. Is this supply VATable?