Ok so if a company does not pay a salary to a director and never plans too. All the company will be doing is reimbursing business expenses. Mileage subsistence etc.


I confess to having placed total reliance on Sage Accounts Production to know what has to be disclosed but I am wondering if this is really enough?  My clients prepare on FRSSE.  What does anyone e


Just wondering what software you would recommend for ct filing with hmrc ixbrl formatting etc etc. Currently using abacus


I am newly qualified ACCA Member, and still did not find any work with any Qualified Accountancy firm to complele my post membership training to achieve my Practising certificate.


Sole trader client is going to incorporate, but in transferring business to a limited company, wishes to reclaim VAT on vehicle &assets purchased as a sole trader.


My clients invested around £300K by injecting these funds into a limited company, to buy a restaurant in 2008 by remortgaging their houses.


A profitable limited company trading in the I.T. sector wish to purchase an office. Could I please have suggestions as to the best structure to achieve this.


Client realises capital gain on EIS/SEIS shares. All other conditions for CGT exemption are met but there was insufficient income tax when purchased to obtain income tax relief.


I have a client who has a limited company, husband owns 80% of shares, wife 20%.  Husband and wife also own a commercial property personally with an option to tax on it, which they rent to the limi