I’ve never come across a client cashing in one before, but I now have a Non UK Dom client who is currently working outside the UK but will be returning (was here for 10 years previously) at some po

I have a client who runs a small limited company with his wife . He is the sole director.


A farming client acquired about 4 year ago land for use within the farming trading business.The vendor had opted to tax the land and the client reclaimed the VAT through there VAT return on the bas


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My client is about to become a shareholder and director in a tech start up company, I have concerns about a possible ERS issue and would be grateful for comments, the facts are as follows -

Two pharmacists who lied about exporting life-saving cancer and HIV medicines to Nigeria have been jailed for six and a half years for fraudulently claiming £300,000 in VAT repayments.

Client is a professional sailor and requires various medical examinations (to make sure he is able to go out to sea) such as the ENG 1 certificate- at the last ENG1 medical, he was told that his vi


My client has several properties which she lets out unfurnished.  However, they do have carpets, curtains and white goods.  In the past I have always disallowed the first purchase of such items whe


Client needs his intangible asset valued - patent.  FRS 10 para 2 implies no readily available mv exists for patents.

I have a client who has substantial losses brought forward. They want to split the company in 2 to have the 3d graphics online part of the business seperate from the 3D graphics broadcast part.