About 320,000 people who retire with defined contribution pension savings each year will no longer have to worry about their pension savings being taxed at 55% on death,


Does anyone have any experience of whether HMRC will enforce a penalty for registering 7 weeks late for VAT?


1. You don't know what a 64-8 is.

2. You've never made a principal private residence election

3. You prepare tax returns, instead of offering a tax service


Please could someone give some basic advice?

Two director shareholders have traded successfully via a company for a number of years and now own business property in the company.


I have a client who were advised that there effective date for joining the FRS was 1.8.12, at that time they were on 5,8,11 q/e standard rate.


We are a charity group. Suppose we’ve made lots of small purchases for this project, some vatable, some not (e.g. from non-vat registered sole traders).


a benefit was put on the wrong employees P11d , what is the easiest way to correct it , do we write to SA PAYE with corrected P11ds or do we have to resubmit the lot, if so how to do ?


Britain will “lead the world” in implementing this autumn's reforms designed to modernise the international tax system, George Osborne told the Conservative party conference yesterday.

Hi, I am currently studying my level 4 AAT after having the level 2 & 3 under my belt.