What next, will it be accountants being picked on? When will these grubby little people authorized by a non entity government relent.


Accountants and payroll providers will now not be notified when a client receives an RTI penalty, HMRC has said, in addition to relaxing the need for employers to answer extra questions on the F

Could someone use long-term clinical depression and anxiety has defence for claiming housing benefit and council tax support fraudulently for 8 years, to the tune of £20,000),stating he co


How come if you claim benefits you are not entitled to you either have to pay a 50% penalty or are sent to court and either fined or sent to prison (sometimes suspended) and end up with a criminal


We asked you to vote for the top gadget of the year in our annual Gadget Countdown.

Last week, Microsoft experts joined AccountingWEB, head of Yellowspring IT and chartered accountant Paul Rolison and IT consultant at Kelly Solutions Paul Kelly, for a live chat on providing tec




How do you work out the apportionment on a property rental business, both for CGT and as Expenses claims.


Sage may just have missed the chance to get in on AccountingWEB’s Christmas app countdown this year, but the accounting giant debuted two new additions to its ap