I've completed a job for a client, I applied for and received a HMRC login.  The person (employee) who's taken on the job has asked me for my HMRC login because they've not yet received their own.


We have a client who has opened a paye scheme. He has simce decided that he does not want to draw a salary. No submissions have been made to hmrc.


I have been successful with importing multi lines sales invoices from excel into Sage however each line of each invoice comes up as a separate invoice.


Anyone use Scoot for advertising ?


As part of the continuing Practice Excellence Programme, SAP and its business partner IIS have sponsored the publication of a

Transport for London has referred taxi app Uber to the Revenue over its tax affairs.

Can anyone help with PDF trust settings, I have trusted the certificate but I can't change the advance settings to get me past the first screen, where it is trying to autosave.


Client sold a property for £100,000 but gave a builder gifted deposit for £20,000.  It appears that this was to get around the purchaser having issues with the loan to value and the mortgage.


Our client has taken on new staff via a TUPE agreement who were previously employed by the NHS.

Majority are on D rate NI Code and as such we require an ECON.


Hi all

Our client has just taken on about 30 new employees via a TUPE agreement. All of them are coming over from the NHS.