Are there members out there who do not use premade, off the shelf accounting packages but instead  build their own applications/mini erp (accounting included), web or desktop for their clients?


I've just found that although I'd processed the payroll for a client on 10th April (payday 13th), for some reason I've not submitted the FPS to HMRC.


The government web gateway and HMRC’s PAYE computers have slowed to a standstill as a result of the volume of RTI submissions that started arriving  on Friday 11


Client is due to receive a SWAP claim shortly made up of the following:

i)                    Monthly hedging premiums paid

We use Moneysoft payroll manager for RTI returns. My question is about HMRC requirements for claiming £2000.00 NIC employment allowance.


We have come in to the office today as we have 350 returns to do, hoping that the Government Gateway would be much quieter on a Saturday and therefore quicker and the problems of yesterday have cle



I wish to buy one for basic work as an "extra" to my PC

The main use will be excel,word and internet access.

I do not want to pay for items which I will never use!


I have a client with a significant Furnished Holiday Letting property portfolio made up of a mixture of their own properties and significantly more than 50 properties and growing which they manage


In the previous instalment in this series we looked in some detail at the Power View add-in

I have luckily managed to keep out of most RTI things, but my colleague who does deal with it is away, and has got somebody in today to help.