We're running a search for the best business travel apps out there, and want to know what the AccountingWEB community uses. 


I purchased an imac and the software I was using is window based and isn't compatible with a mac.  But I am aware that I would have to put windows on it as well as parallel software to get the Acco


I have a colleague who has to provide all of his own tools for his job as a mechanic

The Treasury has confirmed the government’s intention to press ahead with plans to make anonymised tax data available to researchers and commercial organisations.


Can an excel sheet be imported into a Digita Accounts Production Posting Sheet?

I've tried saving it as a CSV and using the CSV import without success.


I run a UK private limited company that produces software for direct sale online (no reseller). At present, we're not VAT-registered.

I have a restaurant client who I also have taken on doing the bookkeeping for. They sometimes purchase stock (food and drink) from other EU countries.


Anyone else feel that PTP are massively underplaying this?


Hi, this forum is great, are there any other accountancy forums out there I should know about? Thanks