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Hi, I'm new to posting questions so bear with me.

I need to register a client for a CIS only Scheme (XP Scheme)


BDO has opened a small business accounting service based partly on the Xero cloud accounting platform.


Can anyone recommend a software package that

  -Records CIS deductions

  -Deals with job costing

  -Controls a price book

  - Doesn't cost the earth !!!

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Hi guys,


I've been looking to extend my offering into the big wide world of online - but the name that I want to use has already been registered.



 I need to set up 2 limited companies and a charity and have 4 users. I've been looking at Sage One Extra and Xero. Which of these would you recommend or is there something else out there?


But accweb's search is not the greatest in the world!


HMRC's website tells me I need the latest version of Adobe Reader to download their PDF docs.  My paid for anti-virus software (Avast) tells me Adobe Reader is up to date.


I must say I often feel that some of the comments around sacking clients are a tad harsh on

here, and do not ever think I would be as harsh. 

Today I finally snapped.