Company is intending on spending money building an R&D facility to be built in the next tax accounting year.

My firm is considering introducing a secure document exchange facility to our website, is anyone willing to share their experience of how well they have found it to work in practice, any major head


In today’s business world you have to be flexible, innovative and agile in order to survive.

Before I start, we've partnered with Clearbooks so the majority of our clients who use a cloud system use this.  It has a very useful function in that for any given period you can run a simple comp


Can anyone suggest a fax to email provider please, ie for receiving faxes to the computer when we do not have a fax machine.


I don't know if it is just me, in combination with my OS (WIndows 7) and browser (IE11), but whenever I compose a post on this website (and it is just this website) in rich-text format there is a r


I understand that non accountants don't understand accounting/taxation or really what our jobs entail, and that's fine ! If they did, we'd be out of a job. 


We want to find out what you do and don’t like about cloud accounting software. 

As such we're doing some editorial research into this and need some members to volunteer their thoughts! 


I have a friend who came to UK from the US in the early 80s.  She has worked as a Law professor in the UK and has not worked in the US since arriving in the UK.  She is about to inherit a large sum