I have acquired a garage client that issues some 20 to 30 invoices a day, 98% paid on the day of collection with 2% being account customers.  He currently uses Garagemaster to generate invoices, re

Cloud accounting firm Xero has said it is gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO) in America in 2015.

Sage Group has swapped its long-term auditor PwC for EY. 

I see Intuit - QuickBooks are the new sponsor of West Bromwich Albion.

if only my home towns most successful accounting software company would put there hand in their




I am a small sole trade , turnover under £30K , Can I use my personal account instead of opening a biz account


Agents receiving direct digital communications from HMRC will face client expectations for a more "proactive service", according to HMRC research. 


Hi all

Running a payroll for a client who needs figures urgently (don't they always!) and am trawling HMRC site for info but not having much luck.