Will appreciate if someone help me. please

What is Flat rate Vat rate for CAR WASH  business


Just spoke to sage about my ongoing issue with payments on account for VAT when using various computer software (Xero fro eg).


Has anyone experience with this, how does it compare with other cloud based solutions?

One of my clients does her payroll using Iris Payroll Basics, each month she pays the amount shown on the month end summary and each month she gets a letter from HMRC saying she's underpaid. When w

Love it or hate it, technology is permanently changing, and accountants are now expected to keep abreast of these fluctuations in order to keep clients happy.


Just been speaking to a client who had someone work for them for a month and then left. Problem is, they didn't issue a P45.


John Stokdyk reports from San Jose on the global launch of the latest edition of QuickBooks Online Accountant.

I'm not in the Sage camp, I'm more of a VT person, but I have installed it nevertheless as a lot of clients use it and I thought I'd run my own books on it alongside my usual softwar


Former Xero sales director Nick Longden is to join Sage One to lead its expansion in the UK and Ireland. 


Any PayPal experts out there?

My understanding:

1.  It is not straightforward to obtain the PayPal account balance on any given date (eg. for checking a year end balance)