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Hi I rent rooms in my house.


I have elected to claim the 10% wear and tear, rather than 'renewals' claim for expenditure.


Hey I'm not used to Kashflow, but hey ho.

I know the general consensus on AW that cloud accounting is bees knees but my experience is that cloud is still not at the races and the fawning over cloud products from both clients and practition


My trusty old laptop finally gave up and I've got a nice new one.

This won't allow me to copy and paste into AWeb.

With my old laptop I would just: -


Hi Folks

We are trying to reduce papewok as much possible in our practice.


QuickBooks has launched, a marketplace for the 100 or so add-ons that connect to QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


I know this is an accounting forum but am interested as to how solicitors reference their correspondence.


Going to work as the financial controller for a whisky company would be a dream come true for many accountants, but when Laura Cummings joined the The


Hi everyone, 

We're looking to speak to Bristol practices who are interested in taking part in a digital marketing focus group next week in Bristol. 

Have a client using Sage v16.