Agresso Unit 4 tables £158 million bid for CODA | AccountingWEB

Agresso Unit 4 tables £158 million bid for CODA

AIM-listed financial software developer CODA has received a £157.8 million takeover offer from the Norwegian-Dutch combine Agresso Unit 4.


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dahowlett's picture

Good spot

dahowlett | | Permalink

@David - yep - larf: should read €300 million - of course.

daveforbes's picture

Big business

daveforbes | | Permalink

Over 300 euros a year turnover. Impressive !

dahowlett's picture

Done deal

dahowlett | | Permalink

John - subject to a last minute difficulty, this is a done deal. Also - they didn't need to name Agresso but the lawyers wrote the press release. Go figure.

You're drawing the wrong conclusions on this. CODA wasn't on the block but Agresso is in acquisition mode. Plus there are things about CODA that make it very attractive.

Check this post more to come.