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Apple adds 3G capabilities to $199 iPhone

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco this week saw the veiling of its newest iPhone.

The two-hour keynote session focused on the iPhone 3G, which will be available from mid-July for just $199 for a standard model with 8GB of storage and 24 month service contract. The devices design is much the same, though a little thinner at the edges and the headphone jack is now flush to the side.


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Memory size not really an issue

nigel | | Permalink

When the iPod Touch and new iPhone were launched the biggest complaint was that the move to solid state data storage had drastically reduced the capacity of these devices. The old iPod Classic with mini hard drive goes up to 160GB and holds up to 40,000 songs. In contrast the biggest iPod Touch holds 32GB or 7,000 songs.

In reality, most people find 4-8GB more than adequate, so it's not such a big deal unless you want to carry yiour entire DVD collection on it! To put it in perspective, 8GB devices hold about 2,000 songs; at say 3 minutes per song that's 100 hours of music!