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Authorities swoop on ZeuS Trojan gang

Police in the UK, US and Ukrane last week arrested almost 100 people as part of an international operation to disrupt the “ZeuS” Trojan horse virus network.

Co-ordinated by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, Operation Trident involved other US and European police forces including the Metropolitan Police, the Netherlands Police and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in the hunt to track down the “brains” who developed and controlled the software, the “facilitators” who helped to run it and the “mules” into whose accounts the money was transferred.

Nineteen 19 Eastern European nationals were arrested in Britain, 11 of whom were refused bail and charged with conspiracy to defraud HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and Lloyds TSB and their customers.

In September Google security engineer Billy Rios (BK) blogged about flaws in the ZeuS malware toolkit that might allow good-guy hackers to take over ZeuS servers to notify victims. But the ZeuS security hole also means that criminals could hijack each other's botnets, potentially giving stolen data even greater exposure.


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about bloody time too

carnmores | | Permalink

i got a virus AV8 , which is a fake anti virus trofan - now  my new  computer is *ucked - these people cause so much damage and heartache to so many people that i am glad to see the authorities doing something about it - instead of wasting so much money on money laundering procedures perhaps they could spend more time actually dealing with the culprits - cut their hands off i say ...