EDUCATION NEWS: Accounting among 'least effective' A-levels. By Dan Martin | AccountingWEB

EDUCATION NEWS: Accounting among 'least effective' A-levels. By Dan Martin

Accounting has been included in a list of A-levels which Cambridge University says provide "less effective preparation" for its degree courses than more academic subjects like maths and history.

In its online prospectus, the university claims that successful applicants should possess A-levels in at least two "traditional academic subjects".


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Quite right!

Rderry | | Permalink

I'm not surprised by Cambridge's comments and it's about time that the rest of the world (including the CBI and this group that the media calls "businesses") realised that school should be to educate children in the basics whilst giving them the ability to think for themselves and solve problems.

Specialist, job requirement skills such as accountancy should be for the individual to gain for themselves or for businesses to provide the training structure.

I'm sick of seeing school leavers applying for clerical/office jobs who can't construct a half-decent sentence but they can apparently build a computer, put together a trial balance, run a fictional business or cook a meal for twelve.